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Creativity -- Key to Great Challenge Coins

Creativity -- Key to Great Challenge Coins

One of the great things about custom challenge coins is the opportunity for creative design. You can really create exciting designs to perfectly represent your organization, squad, ship, mission or team. It’s just a matter of letting your imagination run free.

But how do you do that? Fortunately, it’s not difficult. With a little preparation, you can unleash your creativity in amazing ways.

Start by considering what you want your coins to depict. Do you want to showcase a specific ship, aircraft, deployment or product? Go for it!  Brainstorm ideas, either individually or in a group. Don’t be afraid to suggest anything you come up with.

Keep in mind that your custom coins don’t have to be round. With modern production processes, a reputable provider can make your coins in virtually any shape you want.

Once you’ve decided on a shape, consider the finish color you want. A good provider will offer a range of coin finishes, including polished and antiqued metals.

Next, consider adding color to your design. Used well, it can really add a dramatic look to your custom coins. Many providers offer up to five colors at no additional charge.

Cutouts and custom edges are another excellent way to add unique style to your custom coins. Either will give your coins a distinctive appearance that’s unforgettable.

If you’re not sure what you want in your design, don’t worry. Any reputable coin provider features staff artists who can help you create the perfect design for your needs.

After you’ve created your design, sketch it out. A good custom coin supplier won’t charge you for art or revisions, giving you the opportunity to revise your design until it’s exactly what you want.

Once you give your imagination free rein, you might be surprised what terrific designs you can come up with. Once you finalize your design, a great coin producer such as Challenge Coins 4 Less will turn your unique vision into fantastic looking keepsake coins!

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