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Custom Recognition Coins Help Reduce Staff Turnover

Custom Recognition Coins Help Reduce Staff Turnover

If you run a business, nonprofit or academic organization, you know how expensive employee turnover can be. You need every advantage to keep your staff motivated and positive about your workplace. Custom recognition coins are one way you can boost team spirit and show your employees you appreciate them.

It might seem like a small thing, but it’s not. Studies have shown that the most common reason employees leave is not for higher wages, but because they feel they’re not appreciated by their employer. Recognition coins are an easy way to show them you care.

Coins are a great way to recognize achievement. Distribute them to individuals or teams who perform above and beyond the expected levels. You can either do it quietly with just the recipients present, or you can have a company-wide ceremony. Either way, those honored are sure to appreciate the acknowledgement of their value to the organization.

Many organizations give recognition coins to honor years of service. Show valued team members how much you appreciate their ongoing loyalty and service. Give them a coin to celebrate their time on the job, whether one year, five, 10 or more. With custom coins, you can give them a token of gratitude that they will carry and display proudly.

One of the great aspects of custom recognition coins is that you can have them made in virtually any shape, not just round. For example, if you want to thank the team that designed your latest widget, you can get coins shaped just like the widget. It’s a great way to customize your coins, and give them even more meaning for the recipients.

If you’re ready to include custom recognition coins as part of your employee retention plan, you can count on We offer the finest customer service in the industry, the finest quality coins and the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

Want to know more? Give our experienced professionals a call – toll free – at (855) 272-8451, or email us at [email protected]. We’ll work with you to craft great looking coins your hard-working staff will treasure. We’re ready to serve all your custom coin needs!

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