2D vs 3D Coins

Mike Wall - May 3, 2019
2D vs 3D Coins



Customers sometimes ask us what the difference is between 2D and 3D coins. We understand this may be a little confusing. Die struck custom coins of both types have raised and recessed areas. The difference is that 2D coins essentially have two levels of metal. The 3D coins have an unlimited number of levels. That means we can round edges and create smooth gradations between the raised and recessed areas.  In the photo above, all text and logo work on the right coin is on the same plane.  The left coin (3D option), has multiple planes and creates what we refer to as a 3D mold. The 3D style works great for buildings, statues, images of people, and other objects that are 3D in real life — which is to say just about everything in real life!


So it would seem that 3D would be the way to go, right? Not always. One of the reasons for sticking to a 2D design would be for color.  Due to the process by which we create the 3D mold, it is generally not possible for us to color fill any part of the 3D image. The 3D portion of the coin will remain in the finished metal type of your choosing. We can easily add color to a 2D design, and we offer up to five colors free. We can, however, create 3D images that have color fill around them on other parts of the coin’s surface.  We love the creativity and uniqueness that 3D coins provide, and love creating a lasting product that display your message and imagery in a quality custom coin. We produce both 2D and 3D coins you’ll be proud to carry, distribute and display. Let us know if you have any questions at all about the 3D process and what we can do for you!