Coin Options

You’re not limited to common designs when you’re ordering custom challenge coins. At, we offer a range of attractive coin options that will enhance the appearance of your keepsake coins and make them unique. We feature a range of metal styles, edge cuts, 3D designs, cutouts, custom shapes and other great way to make your coins truly your own.

Metal Styles Available

Choose from a range of metal styles for your custom coins to fit your organization. Free options include polished gold metal, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass or polished copper. Additional finish options include antique gold, antique brass, antique silver or antique copper, or even a duo-tone effect.

Polished Gold Metal

Free Standard Option

Antique Gold Metal

$0.40 Per Coin

Polished Silver Metal

Free Standard Option

Antique Silver Metal

$0.40 Per Coin

Black Nickel Metal

Free Standard Option

Polished Brass Metal

Free Standard Option

Antique Brass Metal

$0.40 Per Coin

Polished Copper Metal

Free Standard Option

Antique Copper Metal

$0.40 Per Coin

Duo-Tone Metal

$0.70 Per Coin

Diamond Cut Edges

Diamond cut edges are a terrific way to add an elegant look to your coins. Choose from rope-cut, cross-cut, wave-cut or oblique-cut edges to complement the design of your custom coins and your organization’s insignia.

Standard Edge

Free Standard Option

Rope Cut Edge

$0.30 Per Side

Cross Cut Edge

$0.30 Per Side

Wave Cut Edge

$0.30 Per Side

Additional Coin Options

No matter what style of custom coins you want, can handle it! We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coins and make them a part of everyday life. Choose custom shapes and cutouts to give your coins dramatic impact. Engraved text creates a classic appearance. Go with 3D designs or translucent enamel for a bold look. Epoxy coatings can protect your coins’ appearance, while offset printing allows your coins to feature a photograph. Sequential numbering lets recipients know they’re part of an elite group. We can even turn your custom coins into bottle openers or keychains if you want!

Epoxy Coating

$0.30 Per Side

3D Designs

Additional Mold Fee

Coin Cutout

$50 each

Custom Shapes

Free Standard Option

Engraved Text

$0.70 Per Coin

Keychain Attachment

$0.55 Per Coin

Offset Print

Call For Quote

Sequential Numbering

$0.35 Per Coin

Bottle Opener

3D Mold + Coin Cutout

Translucent Enamel

$0.12 Per Color

Packaging Options

We ship your custom coins individually packaged in clear PVC pouches. If you prefer, we can package your coins in your choice of velvet bags, coin capsules, velvet presentation boxes or custom insert pouches instead. gives you plenty of choices when it comes to packaging.

Standard PVC Pouch

Free Standard Option

Velvet Bag

$0.60 Each

Coin Capsule

$1.00 Each

Velvet Presentation Box

$3.75 Each

Custom Pouch Insert

$1.50 Each

Coin Stand

$0.95 Each

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