various coins showing different options

Challenge Coin Options

You’re not limited to common designs when you’re ordering custom challenge coins. We offer a range of attractive coin options that will enhance the appearance of your keepsake coins and make them unique. We feature a range of metal styles, edge cuts, 3D designs, cutouts, custom shapes and another great way to make your coins truly your own.

Metal Coin Finishes and Plating

Choose from a range of metal finishes or plating for your custom coins to fit your organization. Free options include polished gold metal, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass or polished copper. Additional finish options include antique gold, antique brass, antique silver or antique copper, or even a duel-plated effect.

  • Gold and Antique Gold coins

    Polished & Antique Gold

  • Silver and Antique Silver coins

    Polished & Antique Silver

  • Copper and Antique Copper coins

    Polished & Antique Copper

  • Brass and Antique Brass coins

    Polished & Antique Brass

  • Black Nickel coin

    Polished Black Nickel

  • Black Nickel coin


  • Black Nickel coin

    Dyed Metal (Black)

  • Black Nickel coin

    Dual Plated

Color Or No-Color? We Can Fill Your Need

Adding enamel color to your custom coin design is a way to make it really stand out. Or go for the timeless elegance of traditional die-struck coins.

  • no color coins (die-struck)

    No Color (die-struck)

    This is the classic style for military challenge coins. It showcases the beauty of your chosen metal finish to its fullest extent.

  • coin with color on one side

    Color on one side

    Add color on one side to highlight an aspect of your design and retain the standard metal finish on the other. Choose from up to five colors at no extra cost.

  • coin with color on both sides

    Color on both sides

    You can add color to both sides of your coin to really make your design stand out. We offer up to five colors at no extra cost, and additional colors are available for a small extra charge.

We Have A Multitude of Coin Edge Styles To Go Around

Looking for a terrific way to add an elegant look to your coins other than just the old standard? Choose one of our Custom or Diamond Cut edges guaranteed to complement the design of your custom coins and your organization’s insignia.

  • Standard Edge

    This Standard Edge gives your coins a completely smooth-edge design for a classic look.

  • Rope Edge example image

    Rope Edge

    This 2D style of edge is commonly used for Navy, Marine and Coast Guard coins. Choose the 3D Design coin option to really make this one pop!

  • Cross Cut Edge

    The added facets of the cross-cut edge increase the brilliance of your coins by giving them more reflective surface area.

  • Wave Cut Edge

    This style adds reflective surface area while also mimicking the motion of ocean waves.

  • Slash Cut Edge

    This edge style, sometimes called the spur cut, features semicircular divots cut beneath the coin’s edge, giving added style and character to simpler coin designs.

  • Oblique Cut Edge

    The oblique cut edge, sometimes called diamond rope cut, increases the reflectivity of your coin and imparts a sense of movement to the coin as well.

  • Reeded Edge

    A reeded edge, the series of grooved lines around the perimeter of a coin such as a half- dollar, dime or quarter, gives your coins a formal, classic look.

Enhance Your Challenge Coin Design With These Additional Coin Options

No matter what style of custom coins you want, can handle it! We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coins and make them a part of everyday life. Choose custom shapes and cutouts to give your coins a dramatic impact. Engraved text creates a classic appearance. Go with a 3D coin design or translucent enamel for a bold look. Epoxy coatings can protect your coins’ appearance, while offset printing allows your coins to feature a photograph. Sequential numbering lets recipients know they’re part of an elite group. We can even turn your custom coins into bottle openers or keychains if you want!

  • View Epoxy Coating Example Video
    Epoxy Coating

    Epoxy Coating

    Add an optional epoxy coating to your coins to protect them from scratches and dings caused by keys, jewelry, or other items.

  • View 3D Design Example Video
    3D Design

    3D Design

    Make your coins truly memorable with a 3D style that literally stands out from the surface of the coin.

  • View Coin Cutout Example Video
    Coin Cutout

    Coin Cutout

    Give your designs an extra dose of “wow” with custom cutouts. The open space highlights your design in dramatic fashion.

  • View Custom Shapes Example Video
    Custom Shapes

    Custom Shapes

    Remember, your coins don’t have to be round! We can create coins in virtually any custom shape you want.

  • View Engraved Text Example Video
    Engraved Text

    Engraved Text

    Add a motto or favorite saying to the edges of your coins with custom engraved text.

  • View Keychain Attachment Example Video
    Keychain Attachment

    Keychain Attachment

    Want to be sure your coin is carried every day? Turn it into a keychain! It’s a timeless reminder for your recipients.

  • View Offset Print Example Video
    Offset Print

    Offset Print

    Want to turn a photo into a coin design? No problem. Our offset print option makes it possible.

  • View Sequential Numbering Example Video
    Sequential Numbering

    Sequential Numbering

    Add custom sequential numbering to any design to turn your coins into a true limited edition.

  • View Bottle Opener Example Video
    Bottle Opener

    Bottle Opener

    Want your design to be both memorable and functional? Make it a custom bottle opener!

  • View Transparent Enamel Example Video
    Transparent Enamel

    Transparent Enamel

    This option adds a shimmering finish to your coins, while also protecting the design.

  • Presentation and Packaging Options For Your Challenge Coins

    We ship your custom coins individually packaged in clear PVC pouches. If you prefer, we can package your coins in your choice of velvet bags, coin capsules, velvet presentation boxes or custom insert pouches instead. gives you plenty of choices when it comes to packaging.

  • View PVC Pouch Example Video
    PVC Pouch

    PVC Pouch

    This is our standard packaging, free with each coin.

  • View Velvet Bag Example Video
    Velvet Bag

    Velvet Bag

    Add a touch of elegance to your coins to protecting your coins.

  • View Coin Capsule Example Video
    Coin Capsule

    Coin Capsule

    This see-through design protects your coins in a hard capsule while keeping both sides visible.

  • View Velvet Presentation Box Example Video
    Velvet Presentation Box

    Velvet Presentation Box

    This offers classic elegance well-suited for gift presentations.

  • Coin Stand

    Coin Stand

    This lightweight acrylic stand is the perfect way to display your coins on a desk or shelf.

  • View Acrylic Box Example Video
    Acrylic Box

    Acrylic Box

    This protective hard-sided box is perfect for coin storage and allows one side of the coin to be seen.

  • Custom Pouch Insert

    Custom Pouch Insert

    This optional insert for the PVC pouch is a perfect way to include additional information about your custom coins.