Design & Make Custom Challenge Coins

From coin design to a quality finished coin in two to three weeks. The process of making a coin is simple! Designing challenge coins is easy. With a little help from our world-class graphic artists, you can create custom challenge coins your members can carry and display with pride.

How do I get my challenge coin design started?

Creating and design your own challenge coins online is easy. We are committed to bringing your ideas into reality. Our expert artists will work with you collaboratively. We offer our customers free revisions and you can redo the artwork of your custom challenge coins as many times as you want without paying any additional charge.

Step 1 : The Idea!

challenge coin design idea

This might be the hardest step when it comes to designing any challenge coin. Whether it is napkin sketches, an idea typed out in an email, logos, or insignias, anything you can provide will help us in the design of your custom coins. You can always check out our challenge coin gallery for a little inspiration. We'll take your idea and turn it into something special.

Step 2 : Choose Your Design Options

choosing coin design options >

We have several coin options to make your challenge coin truly unique. From the color and style of the metal finish, to how the edge of your coin will look, we offer a full range of options that will be sure to make your coin turn heads.

Step 3 : Send Us Your Info

filling challenge coin order form

Send us your ideas by filling out our quote request form at no obligation to you. Once we receive your artwork, We will email you a quote and a create a free digital proof of your design.

Step 4 : Approve Your Proof

review you coin design proof

Using their expertise, our designers will take your idea and specifications and craft a beautiful coin design just for you. We don’t charge for art or revisions. They will ensure that your coin will look its best when produced based on the size and type of coin you are requesting.

Step 5 : Confirm Your Order and Pay

pay for your challenge coins

Once you approve your proof, we’ll send you a separate confirmation email. Once you give us the go-ahead to proceed, we’ll charge your credit card and start production of your order.

Step 6 : Sit back and relax!

challenge coins delivered to you

Let us take it from here. We will manufacture your order, carefully inspect it and ship it to you, typically within 14 to 17 days (subject to seasonal delays).

Coin Design Guide

Making your own challenge coins is easy. Use the following information to help you get started

Challenge Coin Design Template
example of a copper challenge coin design
graphic of coin with arrows showing diameter

Measuring Coin Size

Size guides are approximate. Always double check the widest points of your design.

graphic of shiny coins

Select A Metal Finish

Choose from one of our many metallic coin finishes, polished or distinguished antique available in gold, silver, copper, or brass; other unique finishes like black nickel are also available.

graphic of coins with reeded edges

Edges - Standard or Diamond-Cut?

All coins come standard with a flat rolling edge, but these can be customized too. Many coin designs benefit from a diamond-cut edge or other pattern around the border.

graphic of fonts

Choose the Right Fonts

Fonts play a big role in the readability of your coin. Make sure to choose something legible, or if you're having trouble finding the perfect font, our award-winning designers are happy to help.

graphic of keychain coin

Options for Days...

Coins don't have to be just round, flat, or boring. Make your coin any shape with custom cut-outs and colors, or make it really stand out with our 3D Design option. You can even have them individually numbered, engraved, or even made to accommodate a key ring. With our additional coin options the possibilities are endless.

Pantone© Color Chart

The classic challenge coin style creates a formal look, suitable for any occasion or event. If you want to make your design even more memorable, especially for corporate coins, add color. We offer up to five colors at no extra charge.

We add color enamel to your design after the design is die struck into the metal. We fill in the recesses with enamel paint and cure the enamel at high heat. The end result is an attractive, durable design with dramatic visual appeal.

Because computer screens and mobile devices vary in how they display colors, we rely on Pantone® colors as our color guide. Be aware that the only way to ensure an EXACT color match by checking an actual physical copy of a Pantone (PMS) color chart at your print shop or public library. You can also check out our virtual Pantone© color chart for a close approximation on your screen.

Ready to get start with that perfect coin design idea? Get your free no obligation quote today.