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From Coin Design to a quality finished coin in two to three weeks. The process is simple!

Designing challenge coins is easy. With a little help from the world-class graphic artists at, you can create Custom Challenge Coins your members can carry and display with pride.

Challenge Coin Design Idea
Design a Challenge Coin
Design a Challenge Coin
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Design Your Own Challenge Coins -- Four Easy Steps

Step 1


Anything you can provide us with that will help us in the design of your coins is helpful! Napkin sketches, ideas typed out in an email, logos and insignias.

Unlike many manufacturers, we do not require any special art templates or files. We can accept scans, drawings, images, Adobe files, descriptive paragraphs and maybe even Morse code! We’ll take your ideas and turn them into something truly special for your approval. Files can be emailed over to us through our Free Quote Form.

Step 2


We can produce coins in virtually any shape, with no additional fees for custom shapes. Test your imagination and create a design that's truly unique.

With our unique and revolutionary mold process, we have the ability to create custom shapes at no additional charge! Whether you would like to do stars, dog tags, emblems/insignias, traditional circles or even bottle opener styles, we can create a uniquely shaped coin for your new project. We start with a round coin and cut away the excess to produce the custom shape. For this reason, round coins offer the most real estate for your coins but the custom shaping process is now easier than ever. Use the guide below for reference for your Coin Design.

Custom Challenge Coin Shapes

Step 3


We offer more than 8 different metal styles, each with their own unique effect. From gold and silver, to brass and copper, in either polished or antiqued finish, you'll find the style for you.

When it comes to the metal style of your custom coin design, offers a range of choices to make your coins look exactly the way you want. Whether you want traditional polished gold or silver metal or something more dramatic, we can provide it. In addition to gold and silver metals, choose from polished brass, polished copper, antique copper, antique brass, antique silver, antique gold or black nickel. Or combine styles for a duo-tone look.

Challenge Coin Metal Types

Step 4


From epoxy coating, keychains, translucent enamel, diamond cut edges to antiquing, packaging and more, we offer more options than ever before!

If you’re ready to Design Challenge Coins, we offer a full range of options. Whether you want custom cut edges, sequential numbering, translucent enamel or other additions, we can provide them. We can make your coins in custom shapes, or turn them into keychains or even bottle openers.

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Create & design your own challenge coins online with ease. We are committed to bring your ideas into reality. Our expert artists will work with you collaboratively. We offer our customers free revisions. You can redo the artwork of your custom challenge coins as many times as you want without paying extra charge.

At, we want our customers to be completely satisfied when it comes to designing challenge coin design online. Fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form, and we will send you a free digital proof for your approval. If you approve it, only then will we proceed to create your coins.

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to the making of custom challenge coins. From the design to the production of the custom coins, we give our best effort. Our artists will work with you every step of the way to help you design your own challenge coins online with us.

We make the entire process extremely easy for our customers. In just four simple steps you can create custom challenge coins of any kind. Whether you want to design a military challenge coin or coins for a business conference, we will meet your needs. You can create and design your own challenge coins online at with ease.

But that’s not all. We offer our customers the best price possible for our featured products and services. At, we provide the best customer service to design and create custom challenge coins. Our artists can work on your ideas and concepts for the coin’s artwork without any hesitation.

We can deliver virtually any shape for your custom challenge coins. Whether you want a traditional circular, rectangular or triangle shape or something more suitable for your logo, product or service, we’ll make it happen. At, you’ll get a wide range of options for customizing your coins. From different metals to cutouts and colors, you get plenty of variety to create custom challenge coins.

With our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated craftsmanship, you will receive the best quality challenge coins. Show your custom coins with pride and wear them as a badge of honor. Whether you need them for a ceremony or to support a special cause, a perfectly customized coin can serve the purpose. At, we give you a chance to create challenge coin online with the best quality and price.

Get started with the design and create your own custom challenge coins by filling out our Free Quote form. You’ll get the best quality and price with us. If you have any questions related to create challenge coins online, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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