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Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

At ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we salute the dedication and sacrifice law enforcement make every day on the job, and our custom law enforcement coins are the perfect gift to honor that commitment. Law enforcement coins find their origins in the challenge coins minted by members of the military for over a century now, and have become wildly popular among departments the country over. Have a pre-existing design you want redone? No problem! Have a brand-new idea for a coin you want made? We can help! Click below to get started.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Where do law enforcement coins come from?

The exact origin of law enforcement coins is still a bit unclear. It is assumed, however, that discharged servicemen who had received challenge coins joined law enforcement divisions around the country, garnering interest from other agents. The same lore and values surrounding the original challenge coin tradition struck true with law enforcement, and departments began designing and awarding their own coins shortly after. This new tradition within the community has grown astronomically over time, with everyone from small town police to our nation’s biggest federal prosecutors minting their very own line of challenge coins.

What’s the difference between law enforcement coins and regular challenge coins?

There’s no difference as far as manufacturing goes; it’s all in the details of the content. Law enforcement coins are designed and produced exactly the same way as traditional military coins, so you can rest assured you’re still receiving the best quality product people have been investing in for a hundred years. Most coins include some variation on common iconography within the profession, such as a badge, the thin line flag, or a sculpted bust of your headquarters or a prominent leader. Many of these designs employ 3D molding to replicate these symbols in detail and make them pop off the face of the coin, creating a stunning, tactile illusion that leaves everyone in awe.

They’re also used for a variety of reasons. Law enforcement coins are often awarded for valor or as a token of appreciation for years of service on the force. More recently though, we’ve seen coins being made as memorial trinkets for fallen officers or to commemorate clandestine operations that keep civilians safe from the increasing dangers they face in this country. We’ve even helped departments make variants of their coins to give out as community outreach or to use as recruitment tools. No matter the use, custom coins are here to stay in law enforcement.

Where can I get custom law enforcement coins?

Right here, of course! Our team has been helping customers design and manufacture custom law enforcement coins for fifteen years. Our knowledge and expertise has helped local directors, agents in the field, and everyone in between from Border Patrol to the FBI. We work in total confidence, so you can be sure the content of your coins will remain known only to you and our team of professionals. From original design to finished product, we’re here to help walk you through the process every step of the way! Get started now!

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