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Corporate Coins

Corporate coins are a great way to show off your company's achievements and milestones. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, recognizing the retirement of a long-time employee, or just wanting to give out some cool swag, corporate coins are a perfect addition to any event. Show your employees how much they mean to you with a company challenge coin that can be customized for any occasion! They'll love showing them off at their next meeting or trade show.

What is a Corporate Coin?

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In recent years, there has been an interesting shift among many companies: rather than giving out prizes like golf balls and T-shirts with their logos at business conferences - which inevitably end up being tossed into corners after being worn once - more employers seem interested in providing personal tokens of gratitude called "corporate" coins instead.

Corporate coins are a token of appreciation that company owners give to employees and clients alike as gifts promoting goodwill from the brand. They can feature your logo (and sometimes even your slogan) on one or both sides and are small enough to carry in your pocket.

Military units often use challenge coins to denote members of elite units or squads. You can do the same thing in your workplace by presenting a coin as an award for high performance, such as sales goals met, engineering deadlines accomplished, new products introduced, or as a morale booster to the people who make it all happen.

Show Your Employees They Matter

Most people don't leave their jobs due to low pay. Studies have shown that most people want more than just a paycheck and will go out of the way for companies that make them feel appreciated and essential.

An excellent way to show staff members that they are valued is through years-of-service awards. Custom coins make an outstanding token to present to everyone from the maintenance staff to the sales teams to executive management. A well-designed coin says "thank you" for years of dedication to the organization. And custom coins can be a reminder that an individual carries with them every day in their pocket or displays proudly on a desk.

Remember, when it comes to motivation, actions speak louder than words. While everyone appreciates the positive words and encouragements, giving them something they can keep is a better reminder that they are valued.

Original Footwear Employee Appreciation Coin
Original Footwear Employee Appreciation Coin

Corporate Coins Leave A Lasting Impression

Beyond your own organization, custom coins also make great giveaway items at trade shows and conferences. An attractive coin with your logo or brand on it – in color – is better than a business card for keeping your company fresh in prospects' minds. A coin has heft, and color, and shape. That gives it a degree of intrinsic value in the recipient's mind. That makes it a lot more difficult to throw away than a business card would be. Especially for high-end products, it's a fantastic marketing tool.

How are you marketing your company to your community? Are you promoting your organization as a positive force locally? Or are you just quietly "there," a plain building with no real interaction with the town?

Corporate coins are, once again, the perfect way to get your name known. You can give them away, of course, to customers and prospects. Better still, you can sell them to help finance a worthy cause.

Whether it's fundraising for disaster relief, commemorating the building of a new city park, or bringing awareness to a medical issue such as breast cancer, custom coins are a great way to attract attention in an exciting and positive manner. Show the community that your company is committed to it and the issues important to community members.

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Give Your Product A Unique Professional Look With A Signature Coin

Adding an elegant touch by including a corporate coin will add value to any product! Signature Medallions are a new trend among businesses and craftsmen alike. These thin metal discs contain your "signature," be it a logo, your name, or other information about yourself or your business, and can be incorporated into the manufacturing process on any product you make. Woodworkers love these because they are easy to mount. Using a Forstner bit and a little adhesive, they make for a quick way to add professional-looking signage to any project.

signature coin in a cutting board
Example of signature coin used in woodworking.

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