various army challenge coins with custom designs

Army Challenge Coins

At, Army coins are our bread and butter. Veterans on our staff have toured overseas, won Purple Hearts, and served with valor and distinction. They understand the bond and the sacrifice that only fellow soldiers can ever know. When you come to us, you're coming to years of experience in and out of uniform. Let us take care of all your Army challenge coin needs, from design to production to presentation.

Benefits of Army Challenge Coins

  • Recognition and honor for Army personnel

  • Team building and camaraderie among Army members

  • Tradition and collectibility, serving as a tangible link to Army history and tradition

  • Motivation and morale boost for exceptional performance.

What makes a good Army coin?

The short answer is a personal detail, but the real answer is good design! Custom Army challenge coins can come in almost any shape and size despite their name. Some customers have designed coins shaped like their weapon or vehicle, while others have opted for flags or geographical landmarks from their deployment. Personal details about your experience, or your unit's experience, can significantly impact the overall reception of your coin's design. Even having a quote, initials, or a date engraved on the side is an option and often an important one in creating the perfect Army coin.

What's the difference between Army coins and regular challenge coins?

The only difference is in the details! Army coins are made just like traditional challenge coins, meaning they're high quality, completely custom, and tooled with precision by veteran metal crafters. Most coins include common symbols within the Army, such as the Army emblem, ranks, and motto. A large number of designs employ 3D molding to replicate these icons in embossed detail, creating a remarkable tactile illusion that everyone will be excited to carry and proud to display.

They're also minted for a growing number of reasons. Army coins were initially awarded for exceptional valor, though their use has become much more common. Coins can celebrate a number of things, from mission success to years of service, or even just as a joke among friends to build morale and camaraderie. Challenge coins can also be a great way to memorialize a fallen brother or sister that was lost serving our country. United States Army coins are not a one-design-fits-all creation, and you're free to design yours for whatever purpose you see fit.

Where can I get custom Army coins?

You're staring at it! At, our staff has been assisting Army soldiers past and present design and create stunning coins for over fifteen years. The wisdom we've shared has aided every branch, from administration to combat units and special forces working deep behind enemy lines, create commemorative coins they'll cherish forever. We work in complete confidence, so you can rest assured any sensitive details of your coin's design will remain known only to its recipients and our team of professionals. From conception to production, is here to be your one-stop-shop for custom Army coins. Get started with us today!

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