USA-made military challenge coin

USA Made Challenge Coins

If you need your challenge coins made right here in the USA, you’ve come to the right place! Domestic made challenge coins are a big hit with our most patriotic clients and have even become a necessity among certain military and government branches. One of our premium products, USA Made challenge coins deliver on the promise of your custom coins being manufactured by skilled, hardworking Americans right here in the states.

Wait – why aren’t all of our coins made in the USA?

We get that question a lot! There’s a short answer and a long answer, but the simple truth is that it’s better for everyone to offer both. We are an American company, and everyone that touches your order on the front end, from our salespeople to the graphic designers and admin team, is all US-based. However, just like the majority of other companies who offer custom metalcraft, our standard coins are produced overseas by the absolute best factories in the business. Their quality and capabilities are second to none, which is why we’ve worked so closely with them all these years to provide our clients with the best coins at the right price point.

With that said, we completely understand and empathize with customers that may not feel comfortable receiving foreign-made coins. Many government agencies and military units have begun requiring that their coins be produced in North America to support skilled US labor, which is why we’ve partnered with domestic union minting shops to make that option available to everyone!

How are USA Made coins different from regular challenge coins?

There is truly no difference in quality between domestic or internationally produced coins -- it really just comes down to your budget and needs! Generally, USA made coins cost more and take longer to produce than our standard coins. These are premium products manufactured by union laborers at artisanal metal crafting facilities, so what you’re paying for is the skill and expertise of those select few Americans who specialize in making custom challenge coins. Some customization options may differ from what we normally offer for our standard coins and are subject to change based on material and factory availability. For example, our US factories may not be able to provide certain translucent colors, but they also have the capability to mint coins in precious metals instead of the standard plated brass base. Again, it’s all up to your budget and specific coin needs!

Where can I get custom American made coins?

Right here, of course! Our team has been helping customers design, and manufacture USA made coins for fifteen years. Our knowledge and expertise have helped colonels, big tech, and US dignitaries alike find the special coins they’re looking for. You never know; you may have received one of our US challenge coins already! Never wonder where they were made again, and take pride in your very own USA crafted coins today!