honor challenge coins with custom designs

Honor Coins

Custom honor coins are created to honor the dedication and achievement exemplified by both military personnel and civilians alike. They're the perfect way to recognize personal and professional accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Have a pre-existing design you'd like to recreate? No sweat. Are you looking to mint a brand new design for your organization? We can help! Get started on your very own custom honor coin journey.

Where do honor coins come from?

Just like every permutation seen in the 21st century, honor coins stem from the long and proud military challenge coin tradition. As these coins grew in circulation, veterans returning to the private sector saw custom coins as a great opportunity to boost morale in the workplace. Just as challenge coins honor military achievements or tours in a specific unit or country, honor coins signify accomplishments or years of service at a job or organization. Whether it's for completing a big project, celebrating the team hitting goals, or rewarding an outgoing employee for twenty-five years of service, honor coins are the perfect gift to make people's hard work feel appreciated.

What's the difference between honor coins and regular challenge coins?

The only difference is in the content of the coin. Honor coins are designed and manufactured just like every other type of custom coin, so all the usual bells and whistles are at your disposal. Most honor coins include imagery specific to the achievement or environment, such as a brand logo, mascot, or team motto to accompany text describing the accomplishment.

They're also used in a variety of ways. While corporate use to reward employees is very common, honor coins have evolved and been seen all over the private sector in recent years. Instead of giving trophies or plaques, honor coins have started to appear in youth sports programs, elected officials' offices, and even in the restaurant industry. Nothing says "job well done" like a shiny, custom coin to celebrate your glory!

Where can I get custom honor coins?

Right here, of course! Our team has been helping customers design and manufacture custom honor coins for fifteen years. Our knowledge and expertise have helped big tech companies, high school teachers looking for ways to motivate their students, and city halls across the country find the perfect token of appreciation. There's no idea too wacky or weird, and our team is happy to help design the ideal honor coin to suit your needs!

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