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Coast Guard Challenge Coins

If you’re looking for the highest quality Coast Guard challenge coins, you've come to the right place. understands that Coast Guard members make a sacrifice every day and a commitment to help protect our national waters. Our military challenge coins are the ideal method to reward a fellow team member of your squad for a great feat or accomplishment. Achieve a sense of pride when showing off your custom designed challenge coins specifically made for your Coast Guard crew.

Benefits of Coast Guard Challenge Coins

  • Recognition and pride for Coast Guard personnel

  • Team building and camaraderie among Coast Guard members

  • Motivation and morale boost for exceptional performance

  • Collectibility and tradition, serving as a tangible link to Coast Guard history and a treasured family heirloom.

Unique Coins For A Unique Service

We craft coins to show your unique responsibilities as Coast Guard members. Whether it’s rescuing fishermen, keeping shipping lanes open on the Great Lakes, stopping smugglers from bringing contraband into the country or protecting our ports and coastal waterways, we’ll help you create a coin to reflect it.

Do My Coins Have To Be A Certain Shape?

Not at all! If you want a coin shaped like your rescue chopper, we can do that. Want one that looks like an icebreaker? No problem. In fact, we can craft your coin design in virtually any custom shape you can imagine. Just let us know.

Your coins can demonstrate any aspect of Coast Guard life you want. It’s easy to include the Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty as well. We can inscribe those on either side of your design or even around the edge of the coin itself.

What Can My Design Represent?

Anything you want! Create a small batch design for your specific ship, crew or squad. It’s a terrific way to boost camaraderie among your peers, and those with whom you share unique experiences.

You can also use coins to commemorate successful missions, whether it’s interdicting illegal drugs off the Florida coast or rescuing endangered fishermen in the Bering Sea. When presented at a public ceremony, these coins also offer your crew members a significant morale increase and produce a strong public relations boost as well.

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