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Challenge coins began in the U.S. Armed Forces as a way to recognize members of a particular group, squad or team. Today, they’re a part of civilian life too, as a way to commemorate outstanding achievements or shared events among groups, classes, companies and even families. What is a challenge coin?: Read More

No. We do, however, provide stock designs that can be modified with your own text. Ask your sales representative for details.

That's easy! Just fill out our no-obligation Free Quote Form. We'll send you a free digital proof of your design for your approval. We don't charge for art or revisions. Once you give your final approval, we'll produce your coins and ship them to you! Read More about ordering custom challenge coins

Due to current shipping conditions, please ask your sales representative for up to date information.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 coins.

Start with an idea! It can be as simple as a napkin sketch or as complex as a completed logo. If you're not sure what you want, ask us. Our graphic artists will be glad to help you create the perfect coin design for you.

We stand behind everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If any product is defective in either workmanship or materials, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

After you approve your proof, we will send you a separate email confirming all the details of your order, along with a link to pay. After we've received your proof approval and payment confirmation, we'll start production.

You are buying a custom-made product. We cannot resell it to anyone else. For that reason, we do not offer refunds or accept returns. However, if any product you order from us is defective in materials or workmanship, we will replace it at no additional cost to you.

Of course! We keep your design on file permanently. If you've ordered from us within the past 2 years, we can use the original or most recent order number to find the factory-stored mold from that order to reuse. It's an instant savings of at LEAST $100.

Due to current shipping conditions, please ask your sales representative for up to date information.

Challenge coin pricing depends on the size of the coins you want, the options you choose and the number of coins you order. See our pricing page for more information.


Our coins are typically made from zinc in most cases. They can be made of brass for an additional charge. The additional charge varies by coin design and size. Read More about the materials are our coins made from

Two-inch coins are our best selling size. Coins typically range from 1.5” to 3”. They can be even larger if you want a custom shape. Read More about popular sizes for challenge coins

A 2" coin weighs about 2.4 ounces. Weight will vary depending on coin size.

Our standard coin thickness is 4 millimeters.

There are tons of differences between our plating options that can bring character and class to your coins! Read More about the different types of coin plating

No. We use only nontoxic materials in our coins and other products.

Our standard packaging, free with each coin, is a PVC pouch. Other options include custom pouch inserts, coin stands, coin capsules, acrylic boxes, velvet bags or velvet presentation boxes. Check out our available presentation options here.

Your design and your buckles. That's it. We do not sell belts. Check out our custom belt buckles page for more information.

We leave that up to you. A good general rule is if you're unable to bend over to tie your shoes while wearing it, it's too big! But seriously, the answer is roughly 5", with most orders being in the 3-4" range.

Sure! We can turn your custom coin design into a medal or medallion suitable for presentation at anything from sporting events to military honors. Just let us know. Read More about ordering medals and medallions

We're glad you asked! We feature a wide range of great custom products ready for your imprint, including custom shirts, lanyards, patches and wristbands. Ask your sales representative for more details about those and the many other great items we offer.


We’re not a graphic design firm, but we DO offer free art proofs of your design and free revisions until it’s ready for production. Read More about our design work policies

Absolutely! We use the Pantone® Matching System for easy matching, or just tell us what color you want and we'll find the best fit from thousands. Read More about picking custom colors

Custom diamond cut edges add that “final touch” feeling, bringing class and complexity to your coin without distracting from the design. Read More about custom challenge coin edges

Of course! Whether you need them sequentially numbered or individually lettered, we can help. Read More about text engraving on challenge coins

A “2D” coin is your standard challenge coin struck from a die mold, whereas a 3D coin employs extra tools to emboss your design so it jumps off the coin! Read More about 2D and 3D challenge coins

Our art proofs include a legend listing the exact colors used so you can check for accuracy on receipt! Read More about ensuring challenge coin color accuracy

We prefer vector (.ai, .pdf, etc.) but almost anything works; even a photo of a napkin sketch! Read More about artwork formats

It's all about design preference! Our coins are struck from a sturdy brass base, so the plating has no functional bearing. Choose what works for you. Check out our available plating options here.

Absolutely! We have a full staff of graphic artists and product designers ready to bring your ideas to life. Read More about design help

Of course! Since all our products are custom, that means their shape can be too. Talk to our sales staff for more info! Read More about custom challenge coin shapes

Absolutely. Just shoot us an email with the existing design proof, art files, or a clear, detailed photo of both sides of the coin and we'll take it from there. Read More about duplicating existing coin designs


Generally, coins take a few weeks to arrive once you’ve placed an order. Shipping to APOs can take a little bit longer. Read More about challenge coin order turnaround time

We create a custom die mold of your coin’s design and use it to mint your order. Then, we finish the coins in your chosen metal plating, fill colors, and put on any last touches your design needs! Read More about how challenge coins are made

We fill our coins with non-toxic enamel from the full range of Pantone® solid colors. We also offer specialty paints like glow in the dark, translucent, and more! Read More about enamel paints used in challenge coin production

Sandblasting is a technique used to fill recessed space in a coin design with a subtle sandpaper-like texture (without the rough feel, of course!) This helps to create depth, break up designs, and reduce glare on shinier coins. Read More about sandblasting challenge coins

Die casting is the process of pouring molten metal into a die, or mold that forms its shape. In this case, it's how we manufacture your custom challenge coins.

Die struck coins contain no color at all, like regular currency. Soft enamel is the standard challenge coin process, where we lightly fill recessed spaces with soft enamel color to retain some depth to the design. The hard enamel (also known as cloisonné) process has us fill those colors flush with the raised metal and fire-harden them for a smooth, jewelry-like finish. Read More about the differences between die struck, soft enamel, and hard enamel

While we are a proud American company, our coins are manufactured overseas at some of the finest metalcrafting facilities in the world, as is the industry standard. We do offer American-made coins as well – just ask our sales staff for a quote.

Our factories keep molds on file for up to 2 years. If you need to reorder using the same mold in that time frame, simply give us the original order number and save! Read More about our coin mold retention policy

Check the date of your last purchase. If it's been within 2 years, you should be good to go.


Simply fill out our Free Quote form.

You’ll receive an email with a preliminary price quote and further instructions. You’ll also receive a call from our sales team to discuss details and get your design off to our art department for proofing! Read More about submitting a quote

Check for any missing or incorrect information, and double check the color legend and options listed. If you need any changes, we offer free revisions. Read More about proof details

Absolutely! Just include the information when you start your quote or talk to our sales team to get multiple projects started.

Simply reply back to the proof email with your requested revisions, or give us a call to discuss it at (855) 272-8451.

Unfortunately, since we do not offer less-than-minimum orders, we also cannot quote anything under 50 coins.

While we prefer credit cards, we’re also happy to accept mailed checks or wired funds. Talk to our sales team for more information on those options! Read More about payment methods

The mold fee starts at $100 and goes up according to the size of the coins you’re ordering. We understand it’s a lot, so once your order is big enough to offset the cost of the mold-making process, we waive it for you! Read More about mold fees


We offer free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Yes we do. And it's still free. Read More about our shipping policies

Due to current shipping conditions, please ask your sales representative for up to date information.