5 Challenge Coin Rules You Should Never Forget

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty

5 Challenge Coin Rules You Should Never Forget

Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays are important times when giving sentimental gifts are almost expected. Challenge coins are an "any-time” gift that comes with significant meaning.

To give or to receive a challenge coin is a great honor. These coins come from military institutions, first responder associations, and even businesses and corporations. However, many of us are unfamiliar with the challenge aspect and the rules of challenge coins in general. Below you will find five challenge coin rules that you need to remember.

1. You Cannot Refuse A Coin Check
The "coin check" is a common activity among challenge coin carriers. From military buddies to fellow first responders, if someone issues a challenge coin check, you must produce your coin.

Your coin must be within four steps fo where you're standing at all times, which is also a requirement to "win” during a coin challenge. Failure to show your coin means that you owe a drink to each person who has their coin with them. However, if everyone shows their coins, the challenger owes a round of drinks to everyone in the challenge.

2. Carry Your Challenge Coin At All Times
You never know when a coin check might take place. You might even find yourself in a situation worthy of giving your challenge coin away. If you have a coin, carry it with you at all times!

3. Never Give Your Coin To Anyone (Unless It's A Gift)
When producing your coin for a coin challenge, never hand it to another challenger or coin carrier. The most common way to show your coin is to slam it down on the table or countertop. Handing your coin to the challenger gives them ownership of your coin.

Placing the coin on a table or surface makes it available for others to see and take a closer look. They will then return your coin to the same location after taking a closer look. However, if you intend to give your coin to a worthy recipient, be sure you follow the next rule below.

4. The Rules Are Not Secret
When you give a challenge coin to a recipient, you must explain the rules of the challenge. On the flip side, if you receive a coin, the person giving you the coin must tell you the rules. These rules are not secret and should be passed along with any coin you want to give.

5. Protect Your Coin At All Times
Holding a challenge coin is an honor. Don't wear or alter your coin in any way. Do not drill it to place on a necklace.

Carry your coin in your pocket, or keep it in a safe. Treat your challenge coin with respect. Honoring these five challenge coin rules shows that you honor the person who gave you the coin and the meaning behind it.