5 Great Times To Award Challenge Coins

5 Great Times To Award Challenge Coins

Challenge coins in the workplace boost employee morale and recognize outstanding performance

Employees deserve recognition for a job well done. Awarding challenge coins is an outstanding way to recognize hard work and team solidarity. A custom challenge coin is more personal than an award certificate. It shows a level of creativity that connects with employees. 

Timing is crucial when it comes to awarding a challenge coin to employees. To help find the right moment to share a company challenge coin, take a look at these five options. 

As Part of a Performance Review 

Performance reviews offer direct feedback from the employer to employees. When an employee shows consistent performance, showing how they're valued is a must in retaining them as an asset. 

Awarding a challenge coin during a positive personal review is a personalized gesture of a job well done. The coin is a direct symbol of their achievement that they can display or carry to show others. 

As Part of a Promotion 

Moving into a high position is a big day in any employee's career. Celebrating that moment with a custom challenge coin is a powerful gesture. The coin will serve as a reminder of their experiences and serve as a validation of receiving a promotion. 

Nothing shows how much an employee is valued than a promotion, and custom challenge coins are a perfect way to commemorate the moment. 

In Recognition of Long Service 

Tenure-based awards are nothing new. But awarding a custom coin is a unique and different approach to celebrating long service. 

A customized challenge coin is a tangible reward that shows recognition for an employee’s loyalty and service. These coins can also be celebrations for employers and more. 

Completion of a Major Project 

No matter what business you are in, there will always be a big project that is critical to success. Celebrating the completion of these tasks is worth commemorating, and custom coins are a perfect way to do so. 

Awarding challenge coins to team members who worked on these major projects demonstrates appreciation. It's a unique show of gratitude for their time and effort, as well as a symbol of solidarity for those who shared their efforts. A job well done is always work celebrating! 

Team Building

Everyone enjoys feeling like they are part of something. Challenge coins are excellent for team building, and some are given to soldiers for performing above the call of duty. Other coins are given to entire units to showcase group solidarity and teamwork. 

Use custom coins for forging bonds with employees while showing them that they are part of a team working on a shared goal. Custom challenge coins are always appreciated, no matter the occasion or celebration. However, awarding a coin with purpose and timing adds to its meaning. 

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