8 Great Gifts to Give a Firefighter on International Firefighters Day

Hoth User - Sep 23, 2019
8 Great Gifts to Give a Firefighter on International Firefighters Day

Every year, firefighter fatalities number in the double digits, if not triple. Needless to say, these brave heroes face hazardous situations on a daily basis to protect the general population.

Because of this, they deserve special recognition for the sacrifices they make. For the next International Firefighters Day, here are eight great gifts to give a firefighter.

1. Matching T-Shirts

Matching t-shirts are a great, fun way to show your appreciation for a loved one or family member. These are actually quite a big business -- you might be surprised at just how many matching shirts there are out there.

There are plenty available that cater to very specific niches. For occupations like firefighter or police officer, you're sure to find plenty.

2. A Barbecue

Barbecues are a traditional American pastime for a reason. They're a great way to unwind after a long week of hard work.

Few professions are as demanding as being a firefighter. Hosting a barbecue is a great way for a firefighter to relax and blow off some steam. Of course, if anything goes wrong with the grill, you'll have the perfect person to handle things right there at the event.

The great thing about a barbecue is that it can be a success no matter the scale. It could be a small and intimate event for a couple of people, or it could be a large-scale event with the whole community invited.

3. A Vacation

Firefighting is the kind of career where it's really difficult to "switch off" after work. It's one of those professions where you can't help but take the job home with you.

Breaking out of the regular routine and going on vacation is a great way to help a firefighter switch off and relax this International Firefighters Day. Since the holiday is in May, there are sure to be plenty of great destinations with good weather.

4. A Custom Tumbler

When you're a firefighter, you'll certainly appreciate something that can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. You might make a cup of coffee, then immediately get called out on a run. With a good tumbler, the drink will still be hot when the firefighters return to the station.

There are also some great options to personalize these kinds of products. It's easy to find a first-rate vendor that can print your loved one's name on the tumbler or even a custom message. This kind of gift is great because when your firefighter sees it at work, it will help to keep their spirits up.

5. A Quality Backpack or Duffel Bag

A firefighter is always going to need a quality backpack or duffel bag for work. If you notice that the bag of your fire-battling loved one has seen better days, a new one would probably be greatly appreciated.

Make sure you check out reviews and get something robust, or it probably won't last long. The right kind of bag could potentially last years or even decades, so this is a product where it's really worth taking the time to select the right product.

There are also a lot of these items made specifically for firefighters. Take some time to look at the different designs, which can really make the bag special for the firefighter in your life.

6. A Good Bottle of Whiskey

There's nothing more comforting after a stressful day at work than a glass of good whiskey. It might not be a gift that's specific to firefighters, but it’s one that is almost certain to go down well. Consider getting a single malt whiskey over one of the blended variety, as single malt whiskeys are generally of higher quality.

Of course, you should purchase this kind of gift with caution. You don't want to purchase a handle of whiskey for someone who has a drinking problem, or for someone who doesn't drink. If you're not sure if the recipient is a drinker or not, you might be better off going with something else.

7. A Firefighter Challenge Coin

A firefighter challenge coin can be an amazing present. This is a high-quality coin that depicts the fire department your loved one is a member of.

With this coin, your firefighter can proudly display it to symbolize his or her dedication to their profession. You can even hold a small ceremony to present this special coin to them.

While your loved one can keep this coin for themselves, you can order more than one so they can trade among other departments. That way, they can build up a nice collection.

8. Firefighter Socks

There's a huge number of firefighter-themed socks available online. There are socks with humorous designs, as well as more serious graphics, so you're sure to find something that appeals to your loved one.

Make sure you get some quality socks. High quality socks that keep feet comfortable and dry throughout the day are vital for firefighters. This is a fairly inexpensive gift, so you might want to give something like this in combination with another present to really show your appreciation.

Honor These Heroes on International Firefighters Day

For the next International Firefighters Day, use our above suggestions to give them something truly meaningful. Firefighters put their lives on the line every day, so even a small gesture of gratitude can mean the world to them. This year, give them a present that will really touch their hearts.

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