Add The Final Touch With Diamond-Cut Coin Edges

Diamond-cut edges give your custom challenge coins an extra touch of elegance

The possibilities are endless when customizing challenge coins. There are several ways to make your coin stand out, including metal finishes, color, 3D designs, and more. Challenge coins come in any shape and size you can fathom, but a diamond-cut edge is one distinct way to set your coins apart. A diamond-cut edge is guaranteed to complement the layout of your coin and the details, such as a logo, symbol, or text. Let’s find out about all of the custom options!  

All Your Choices

A diamond-cut edge will take your coin to the next level, and we offer plenty of selections. The options include:

Standard edge.
Reeded edge.
Rope-Cut edge.
Cross-cut edge.
Wave-cut edge.
Slash-cut edge.
Oblique cut edge.

Each offers different attributes adding texture and detail reflectivity, though all of them can enhance the look and feel of any coin. 

Standard Edge 

The standard edge is common. This traditional selection is sleek and straightforward, boasting an entirely smooth edge for a classic look. The flat edge is shiny, boasting an elegant touch. It's also the most cost-effective alternative on the list.

Reeded Edge 

A reeded edge features a series of grooved lines around the perimeter of a coin. This has a formal look and mimics the border of a half dollar, dime, or quarter. Reeded edges are a timeless option that works well with virtually any coin.

Rope Edge 

The rope edge is another iconic look. The technique represents the angular lines of a rope, expressing a braided effect. Rope edges are ideal for Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard coins; or those with a nautical theme. And when paired with a 3D coin, a rope edge will make the design pop. They also offer a unique texture to the coin. 

Cross-Cut Edge 

Cross-cut edges add facets and detail to your coin. The characteristics increase the coin's brilliance by providing a reflective surface area. A cross-cut edge will make your inner image and text on the coin more impressive. The Cross-cut alternative costs a little extra than the standard, though the attention to detail is unrivaled.

Wave-Cut Edge 

The wave cut edge adds a reflective surface to the coin like the cross-cut border. The style mimics the ocean waves, which is sure to make any challenge coin stand out. The wave-cut also provides a unique texture and finish.

Slash-Cut Edge 

The slash-cut edge is sometimes called the spur cut. Slash-cuts have semicircular divots cut beneath the coin’s surface. The raised metal curves and extends before coming to a point. This star-burst-like selection will make your coin outstanding. Not only does this add style and character, but also a different texture to your coin.

Oblique Cut Edge

The oblique cut edge is sometimes called the diamond rope cut edge. This option resembles the rope edge mentioned earlier. The oblique cut increases the reflectivity of your coin while imparting a sense of movement.

A decorative edge gives an eye-catching appearance, providing a defined look and character for any challenge coin. The edge of your coin is an important aspect often overlooked when devising a challenge coin. Keep your options in mind and choose the alternative that works best with your creation. Find out about all of your choices here!

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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