All The Details! Custom Options To Make Your Challenge Coins Unique

It's easier than ever to create the perfect challenge coin design for you!

Custom challenge coins are widely popular in the military, and in recent years, in  civilian life too. Whether it's to honor achievement, promote team building and unity, or as a memorial, challenge coins have become increasingly popular. 

Challenge coins are attractive custom coins that can be customized in several different ways. These coins become special keepsakes, providing reminders and memories of special achievements, occasions and events, whether in the military or civilian life. 

Let’s look at the different aspects of challenge coins and the options that make them stand out. 

Start with the Shape

First, consider the shape you want your custom coins to be. The standard shape for a challenge coin is round. The shape of your coin is the first thing people typically notice, so something besides a round coin is sure to garner some attention. 

Challenge coins can be created in virtually any shape you can imagine. Your choices are practically limitless, from state shapes to shapes of ships, aircraft, sports equipment, or just about anything else you can imagine. You aren't limited to common designs, and the shape of your coin is a great place to start.

The size of your coin will have an impact too. You don't want to create something too big for people to carry, but something substantial that feels valuable is the goal. Coins are typically between 1.75" and 3" in diameter. This provides a good weight while providing enough space for the artwork of your coin. 

The size and shape of your coin are essential to your coin's design, but there are a handful of other options that will make it stand out even more. Challenge coins are created to tell a story, so get creative in the artwork you choose. 

Choose a Finish and Colors

You can choose from several metal finishes are available to elevate your challenge coin design. The most common choices include polished gold metal, polished silver, black nickel, polished brass, or polished copper. Other finishes such as antique gold, antique brass, antique silver, or antique copper are great options too. You can even choose two different finishes for a duo-tone effect. 

The traditional die-struck is classic and eye-catching, showcasing the beauty of your metal finish without color. However, adding color is sure to make the center of your coin stand out. Add color on one side to highlight an aspect of your design, or add color to both sides of your coin to really make it stand out. Most good coin providers offer up to five colors at no extra charge, with additional colors available for a slight additional charge. 

Diamond-Cut Edges Add Brilliance and Flair

There are also choices for the edge of your coin. Diamond cut edges are guaranteed to complement your coin's design, adding a classic and elegant touch in the process. The rope edge is popular for Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard coins, while the cross-cut edge adds facets that enhance the brilliance of your coin.

Wave-cut edges add a reflective appearance to the surface, while the slash-cut edge has semicircular divots cut beneath the coin’s edge. The oblique cut edge imparts a sense of movement, and the reeded edge is a series of grooved lines around the perimeter. 

Other coin alternatives to enhance your design include coin cutouts that dramatically highlight your coin's design. You can enhance your coins’ visual appeal by selecting 3D style. Engraved text in another way to elevate the look of any coin. Consider adding an epoxy coating to your coins for added protection from scratches and dings caused by everyday wear and tear. 

Making a challenge coin is easy, but you might think creating a design that stands out can be difficult. Not so! Creating and designing your own custom coin online is easy! Be sure to choose a provider that offers free artwork and revisions to ensure you get exactly what you want. 

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


Hello, I'm Jesse Daugherty, a music enthusiast, sports aficionado, and an avid supporter of the arts. I'm a writer and content creator. For the past 5 years, I've shared my knowledge of custom challenge coins and other promotional products, exploring their designs, meaning, and purpose.