Bryan County Georgia Sheriff's Office Coin Spotlight

Bryan County Georgia Sheriff's Office Coin Spotlight

Outstanding custom coins designed for the Bryan County Sheriff's Office

Custom challenge coins are a long-standing tradition in the military. The tradition has expanded outside of the military. Police and fire departments, businesses, and organizations across the country use challenge coins for a variety of purposes. Challenge coins are small items that recognize notable accomplishments, milestones, and other special occasions. They commemorate significant events, people, and places. A well-designed challenge coin is a tangible keepsake that recipients cherish and display with pride. 

At, we have created and produced custom challenge coins for nearly 20 years. We understand their purpose and benefits, from military challenge coins to firefighter challenge coins and even for businesses and brands. Police challenge coins are ideal for team building, community outreach, and recognizing deputies' and officers' diligent work and dedication.

We recently had the honor of creating custom challenge coins for the Bryan County, Georgia Sheriff's Office. This outstanding challenge coin is a magnificent example of a classic police challenge coin that includes excellent details representing the Bryan County Sheriff's Office. The coin boasts a clean and concise layout with simple, yet striking details.

The challenge coin embodies the role of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office in the community. Deputies maintain peace and protect life and property while providing service to the community. We created the challenge coin you see below with those duties in mind.

Designed With Details

Challenge coins can tell a story, provide information, or denote membership in a group. This particular challenge coin features a simple approach that perfectly represents the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office. The coin is a standard round coin, though the front and back vary in color and design. The gold base metal stands out on the front of the coin while featured as a contrasting color on the reverse side. 

The face of the coin includes a Sheriff's star in the middle with the Georgia Sheriff's Association logo. The words "Courage," "Integrity," and "Wisdom" accent the star. Encircling the star is a gold border that reads "Sheriff" along the top and "Mark D. Crowe" along the bottom. The coin's black and gold color scheme is finished with a blue line that runs through the middle of the design. 

Round custom coin with sheriff's star in center. Black and gold, with a blue line running through the center.

The coin's reverse side features a shield in the middle, the Bryan County Sheriff's Office logo. The yellow background pairs well with the gold base. The design features a thick border that reads "Bryan County Sheriff's Office" along the top and "Sheriff Mark D. Crowe" on the bottom.

Black and gold coin featuring Bryan County GA Sheriff's offic shield at center

This custom challenge coin is a perfect example of a classic-looking police challenge coin. The details are precise and sharp, showcasing the logos, emblems, and text. The design also includes elements that represent the values of the Bryan County Sheriff's Office. We take pride in designing challenge coins that honor our officers, deputies, and sheriffs across the country. Browse the coin gallery for examples of other exceptional custom challenge coins.

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