Building Company Culture With Custom Coins for Business

Rick Cundiff - May 3, 2019
Building Company Culture With Custom Coins for Business

Silicon Valley businesses such as Google are known for setting the tone when it comes to building up a strong company culture. While custom challenge coins aren’t typical, Google offers many other perks that keep employees from jumping ship to another company including catered lunches, a salon and even medical staff on-site.

Small businesses often don’t have the luxury of big budgets to match Google’s perks, but there are many things a smaller business can do to build company culture, including using custom challenge coins.

Custom coins for business are coins or medallions branded with a certain emblem on them. For many businesses, the company logo makes an ideal emblem. Tradition behind custom challenge coins holds that every person issued one must carry it on his or her person at all times. When someone takes out a coin and throws it down on the table (issuing a challenge), everyone else with a coin must also immediately throw down their coin. Anyone who doesn’t have their coin must buy the group the next round of drinks.

Custom challenge coins originated in the military but are now commonly found in businesses both small and large, where managers use them as a way to build camaraderie.

A challenge can be initiated at any time of the day, but works really well right before the end of the day when people are predisposed to head down to happy hour at a local bar.

Going out for a drink together after work to de-stress from the day is a great way to bond with coworkers. While small companies can’t buy employee loyalty through expensive perks, many understand that if employees form strong friendships among each other, they will be less likely to leave. That’s why custom challenge coins work great for building company culture and loyalty.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to boost morale in your office, consider buying custom coins for business today and get ready to head down to happy hour!