Challenge Coins For International Peace Day

Custom Coins can be a way to promote international peace and understanding

Every year on September 21st, the world observes the International Day of Peace, also officially known as World Peace Day. A day dedicated to peace and the absence of war and violence. World Peace Day aims to unite the world. Across the globe, there are threats of war, and many countries face armed conflicts. September 21st is a day for humanity to put aside its differences and make peace.

The United Nations sanctioned World Peace Day in 1981, first celebrated in 1982. The United Nations Peace Bell is rung at UN Headquarters in New York City to start the day. This is a day for supporting the ideals of peace among all nations. World Peace Day is a hopeful reminder for a better future.

The History of World Peace Day

Since 1981, the world has paused to honor the International Day of Peace. The UN General Assembly proclaimed in a resolution that the International Day of Peace commemorates and strengthens the ideals of peace across the globe. The first observance took place in 1982. The original date, the third Tuesday of September, coincided with the opening day of the annual sessions of the General Assembly.

In 2001, the opening day of the General Assembly was scheduled for September 11th. After the September 11th attacks, which occurred just blocks from the UN headquarters, the organization changed the date to September 21st. The General Assembly passed a resolution recognizing September 21st as the International Day of Peace, declaring it a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Each year,  the UN picks a different theme for the day. Some past themes include Youth for Peace and Development in 2010, Peace and Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard in 2011, and Climate Action for Peace in 2019. The theme for 2022 is End Racism. Build Peace.

The theme this year tackles race-based discrimination at borders worldwide. As conflicts across the globe cause people to leave their homes, certain racial groups are affected more than others. There have been many examples of hate speech and violence directed at racial minorities, and World Peace Day is a chance for everyone to play a role in fostering peace.

Celebrate Peace

People throughout the world will observe World Peace Day. Many traditions take place globally, including a minute of peace and silence at noon in each time zone. The goal is to create a peace wave around the globe. The UN declares a personal and political ceasefire while other events ensue, including concerts, private parties, peace ceremonies, vigils, peace walks, and more.

There are numerous ways to observe the International Day of Peace. Take an active and positive role in your community, learn more about the goals for World Peace Day, or become a volunteer. Attend events and join the rest of the world in a day that recognizes peace for everyone.

Why not design a custom challenge coin for the occasion? These small, commemorative tokens are a unique way to bring attention to the cause. Custom challenge coins are ideal for any event. Present them to attendees at World Peace Day events, raise awareness throughout your community, or raise funds for a nonprofit organization. Custom challenge coins are a creative way to observe this special day and spread an important message.

The International Day of Peace is a day of hope. Challenge coins are a thoughtful way to spread the message of peace for the future. Take a minute, be peaceful, and honor peace for the future. Let's design a challenge coin that represents the International Day of Peace. For inspiration, please look through our coin gallery for some great examples.

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