Challenge Coins For Social Causes

Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Challenge Coins For Social Causes

It’s no secret that custom coins are an outstanding way to promote camaraderie, team spirit, and brand loyalty. What many people don’t realize that you can promote social change by using custom challenge coins for social causes.

Purposes of Challenge Coins

The concept of promoting social causes via challenge coins is relatively new, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Custom coins have long held a respected place in the military, and in recent years, in civilian organizations such as police and fire departments and corporations as well.

Military challenge coins are awarded to show membership in a specific unit, squad or fleet, or to recognize outstanding dedication to duty. Police, fire and emergency medical first responders often use the coins for those purposes as well. In addition, coins serve to build team camaraderie among recipients.

Coins for Any Cause

Today’s challenge coins for social causes can be custom made for virtually any purpose. They’re low-cost, yet high-impact. Recipients appreciate them, and if the coins are well-made and attractive, will carry them or display them prominently.

Custom coins can make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes they can even save lives. The Hopeline coin created and distributed by the Center for Suicide Awareness is one example. The coin, designed for military veterans who might be suffering from PTSD, features a text number that a person in crisis can contact. The text line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both veterans and their family members have said the coin has saved lives.

Custom coins can be used to promote any cause an organization would otherwise promote with wristbands or other items. It’s an alternate way of getting a message out. That’s what makes it particularly effective for audiences such as military vets. They’re accustomed to challenge coins from their time in the service. A coin is a natural way to reach them.

Many Ways to Customize Coins for Social Causes

Remember, you’re not limited to just traditional coin shapes. Any reputable coin provider can craft coins in virtually any custom shape you want. So if you need coins in the shape of your state, a specific geographic formation, or just about anything else, a supplier such as can create it for you.

It’s easy to customize coins even more by adding great options such as cutouts, diamond-cut edges, edge engraving, 3-D designs and more. Economical add-ons are a great way to boost the visibility and desirability of your coins to attract more attention to your cause.

No matter what cause you want to support, custom coins are an outstanding way to do so. When you order from, you can be assured you’ll get the most value for your money. We offer only the highest quality coins, at the lowest prices. We support everything we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and our customer service is famous for being the best you’ll find anywhere.

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