Challenge Coins Observing National Dog Month

Who's a good doggie? Celebrating man's best friend with custom challenge coins

A dog is man’s best friend, and August is a celebration of all loveable canines. Dogs are the most commonly owned pet on the planet, and for good reason. Dogs are incredible companions. Studies show that they make us happy, take away our stress, and make us more optimistic. August is National Dog Month, a month-long celebration for our best furry friends.

Dogs are known for their camaraderie and affection. Each one has its own distinct personality and quirks. Whether your dog plays in the rain, alerts you to health needs, or likes to snuggle up on the couch every night, dogs are unique to their owners and vice versa. Dog lovers understand that life without a dog isn't a life at all. Let's honor man's best friend this month with a creative custom challenge coin.

Celebrating Canines

Any dog owner will tell you just how much their pup means to them. National Dog Month is the perfect opportunity for dog lovers to share their passion. The Milk-Bone brand founded National Dog Month in 2020. The month is a way to recognize how dogs make our lives better. From our pets to service dogs, K9 officers, and shelter dogs, August celebrates all the dogs and their positive influence on our lives. 

Celebrating National Dog Month is the easy part. Celebrate with your best friend. Take a long walk, take your pooch to the dog park, get a new toy, or share an extra treat. They deserve it! You can also make your next veterinarian appointment to ensure your pet's health. 

Other great ways to observe National Dog Month are donating, volunteering at your local shelter, or becoming a foster dog parent. The dogs and their future companions will appreciate the help. You can even create a custom challenge coin that marks the month.

DOGust 1st

The entire month of August is a celebration of canines, but August 1st kicks things off. Known as DOGust 1st, the date has become known as the universal birthday for shelter dogs. The date was established in 2008 by the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, North Shore Animal League America. The date applies to dogs who don’t have an official record. 

August 1st has also become a way to recognize the hard work of rescue and adoption organizations across the country. To observe DOGust 1st, spread the word, and raise awareness about pet adoption services and shelters. Honor the individuals who go above and beyond to rescue and care for animals worldwide.

Challenge coins are a remarkable way to commemorate any special celebration. National Dog Month is no different. Challenge coins include unique details and elements that provide information about what they represent. National Dog Month provides plenty of inspiration for designing a great challenge coin. Celebrate your favorite canine with images of your pup, its name, birthday, nicknames, and more. 

Custom coins come in any shape or size, so get creative. Consider bone-shaped designs or elements such as collars, food bowls, and other distinctive details. Challenge coins can be created for rescue and adoption organizations too. They can be a terrific fundraiser for those organizations. Consider adding slogans, logos, and emblems representing the organization and celebrating National Dog Month. 

National Dog Month is our chance to celebrate man's best friend and their friendship while spreading awareness about rescue and adoption organizations worldwide. Honor the month with something meaningful and memorable. Praise those who work hard for all the loveable canines, making a better future for the dogs and their future owners. Check out our challenge coin gallery to inspire your design.


Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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