Choosing a Supplier for Police Challenge Coins

Choosing a Supplier for Police Challenge Coins

Choose a custom police coin provider with the experience, the talent and the dedication to do the job right.

Custom challenge coins tell a story, honor a specific moment or mark a momentous accomplishment. Police officers risk their lives daily to keep our communities safe, and they deserve recognition. Many military veterans find law enforcement to be a natural career choice after service, so It's no surprise that police organizations started creating police challenge coins.

Challenge coins are a distinctive memento for military members. Today, they are used by institutions and agencies of all sorts. For police, they hold special meaning and have unique details that represent different aspects of their career. Below, we discuss police challenge coins and the best ways to capture an organization's identity or role.

Common Design Details 

It's easy to develop a design for police challenge coins. First, consider what the coins symbolize. Will these coins be for the entire department or a specific unit? Are these coins to commemorate an officer's loyalty and dedication? Or, will the coins be made for the public? 

Law enforcement officials present challenge coins to celebrate individuals for their service and express pride in the profession. They also remind officers of their responsibilities. A few notable identifiable attributes include the color blue, police badges, the Archangel Michael, and police equipment. 

The color blue is the official color of most police departments, and it sets coins apart, making a much stronger symbol. Police badges are recognizable and distinguishing badges are issued to nearly every department. Create a coin in the shape of a particular badge or use it as a central element. 

Police equipment such as handcuffs or a sidearm is a nice touch that is a quick way to showcase a division's responsibilities. For example, a police dog is a perfect way to depict a K9 unit, or riot shields for custom SWAT team coins. The Christian Archangel Michael, the patron saint of law enforcement officers is a common symbol too. Whether it's a traditional look or an illustration, it has meaning for law enforcement everywhere, symbolizing protection. 

Localized Custom Coins

Find ways to incorporate local components for coins that are truly unique to the branch. Look for local landmarks or neighborhood scenes that resonate with officers and community members. Adding localized features builds a stronger connection to the area, personalizing the coin and showing the department’s role. They can also have distinct emblems, slogans, mottos, and jokes that only the team would understand.

Police challenge coins should represent the unit, department, and community partners. With the tips above, it's easy to create a coin that looks great and works well for any agency. Find out more about police challenge coins here.

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