Continuing An Ancient Tradition: Custom Wedding Coins

Jesse Daugherty - Jul 25, 2019
Continuing An Ancient Tradition: Custom Wedding Coins

Weddings are full of traditions, some passed down through the family, others are more ancient traditions that we aren't even aware of.

Custom wedding coins are an ancient wedding tradition that has become quite popular in recent years. Coins add an extra romantic and spiritual aesthetic to the ceremony, celebrating the event, the couple and much more.

The Origin Of Custom Wedding Coins!
The tradition of wedding coins, also known as unity coins, dates all the way back to ancient Rome. The Roman tradition included the bride and groom breaking gold or silver into two equal pieces, signifying their intention to marry. The custom has evolved over the centuries, regularly practiced today in some Hispanic, Latino, and Filipino cultures.

The custom is known as "las arras," which today requires 13 gold or silver coins placed inside a decorated box. The tradition is particularly prevalent in Catholic wedding ceremonies, the number of coins symbolizes Jesus and his 12 apostles.

However, another explanation indicates the coins represent each month of the year, with the additional one as a little more to give to the less fortunate.

The Custom of Presenting Coins!
When it comes to presenting custom wedding coins, they are typically given to the officiant by a designated coin bearer. Upon the blessing of the coins, the groom then presents them to the bride.

The coins and their ornate box or pouch serves to signify the groom’s promise to provide for the family, while the bride’s acceptance constitutes her vow to honor their blessings. For both bride and groom, the tradition is a symbol of their pledge to share life together.

Coin Styles!
Wedding coins can be designed as you would like them. From simple to ornate, plain gold or silver, along with many other options. Gold and silver coins are the most common, but they can be engraved with a symbol of the couple’s devotion, dates, and anything else they may desire.

The coins can become family heirlooms, and it’s common for family members such as godparents to pass them down to the bride and groom as well.

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