Create Custom Challenge Coins For Volunteers

Create Custom Challenge Coins For Volunteers

Celebrate the dedication of your group's volunteers with custom challenge coins

Behind any successful group, business, or organization is a group of volunteers. These dedicated, kind-hearted men and women help nonprofits and charitable organizations around the world. The workload is often too much for groups to handle by themselves, and many keep multiple volunteers on staff when needed. 

Custom challenge coins are a great way to honor these individuals, giving them a gift that offers a tangible approach with meaning and pride. Custom challenge coins are great gifts to give to volunteers and returning volunteers. More than just a thank you, these coins become memorable keepsakes recognizing an important moment in the honoree's life. 

Challenge coins are valuable due to the story they tell. Custom coins are also great tools for acknowledgment. Volunteers receiving an award for their hard work and dedication will be encouraged to do even more. These coins instill honor and appreciation in their work, thanking the honoree for their time and service. 

It's more than a verbal expression; it's a unique and custom show of appreciation and respect. Custom challenge coins are unique. They can be created to draw attention to a group or an organization. 

At, we can create challenge coins in various sizes, while their weight and appearance alone give them value. The options are endless when it comes to creating custom challenge coins. You can showcase pride in your organization and its volunteers with a number of custom options. 

From text to images, sequential numbering, or a small order dedicated to a specific team, we've got you covered. Our team of talented artists and graphic designers will work with you to ensure you get the perfect custom challenge coin for your needs. 

Do you want single-sided or double-sided coins? Do you want to choose an image? Or should you go with text? The custom options are limitless, and we have the experience needed to create the custom coin you have in mind. 

We make ordering custom challenge coins easy and effortless. Get a free quote on your design today! Or, you can email us with any ideas you might have. We can take your rough idea and turn it into something special or work with a fully realized concept. No matter what kind of custom challenge coin you need, makes it simple! 

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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