Creating Custom Belt Buckles

Creating Custom Belt Buckles

We're not only your first choice for custom coins. We're also your #1 custom buckle provider.

At, you know us for first-rate custom coins and challenge coins. But it's not the only thing we do. We also create an array of custom products that are great for gifts, giveaways, and so much more. One of those products is custom belt buckles.

Whether you want to celebrate milestones, a big victory, or a job well done, a custom belt buckle is a perfect way to do so. When it comes to style, belt buckles certainly make a statement. Why not take your buckle design up a notch with a superior quality custom belt buckle design?

Custom belt buckles do not lurk in the background. They stand out, bold and brash, showcasing personality and interests. Belt buckles are not just for cowboys or cowgirls, either. Many of us think of round, oval, or rectangular shapes when we think of belt buckles, but custom buckles can be any shape or size. 

If you want to display your individuality, a custom belt buckle is sure to help. Everyone from rodeo enthusiasts and country singers to motorcycle clubs, military members and government officials can be seen wearing custom buckles.

We can craft custom buckles in virtually any shape, size, or color, including logos, insignia, dates, images, and more. Order them in bulk to create something that will leave a lasting impression for any group, cause, or event. 

When you’re designing your custom belt buckles, remember to consider where belts are worn, and be aware of potential sharp points in your design. Of course, if they’re meant for display rather than actual wear, that’s not really an issue. Custom shapes that are sure to stand out include a buffalo shape, a gun, hearts, state shapes, words, flowers, hands, stars, diamonds, and many more. 

You can customize your design with options to make it even more memorable. Consider two-tone plating, for example. This features some parts gold and some parts silver, offering a distinguished look. Antique plating is a great option as well. Antiquing will darken the gold or silver, adding a nice contrast while not being too shiny. Antique plating will also let your text and details pop! 

Another popular choice is 3D sculpted designs. The 3D sculpting allows for curves and layers of detail, adding a unique look and appeal to your design.

it's also important to consider the curve, or arch, of the belt buckle. Our stomachs are not flat, and neither should our buckles be! For comfort, keep this arch in mind with your design. Your buckle provider can help with this.

Think about the thickness of your belt buckle too. Buckles are typically around 3 to 5 mm thick. The thicker the buckle, the heavier it will be. You don’t want to create a buckle that’s too heavy to wear. You want something you can easily wear comfortably.

At, we have created custom buckles for many organizations and companies, and we have the experience needed to create an outstanding design for you. Our team of talented graphic artists will work with you to create a special custom belt buckle that you or your group can cherish and wear with pride. 

Ready to get started? Get a free quote on your custom belt buckle design or email us with any questions you have. Let us show you how easy ordering custom belt buckles can be!  


Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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