Creative and Custom! Air Force Challenge Coin Spotlight

Creative and Custom! Air Force Challenge Coin Spotlight

An Air Force challenge coin has traditionally been issued as a symbol of membership or achievement within the United States Air Force.

Challenge coins are a time honored tradition of the United State Air Force. They are presented to members of a particular unit or organization to recognize their contributions and accomplishments. Members of the Air Force often collect and trade challenge coins. Custom challenge coins have a long history and are considered a cherished practice within the Air Force. 

It was a pleasure to be able to work with the Air Force recently. We designed a custom coin in honor of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. An Air Force coin such as this one blends tradition with a modern composition to create something special that honors and pays tribute to a heralded position within the service.

Air Force Challenge Coins

The Air Force often provides challenge coins to members of a particular unit or organization in recognition of their contributions and achievements over the course of their service. People who receive the awards have accomplished a particularly challenging or noteworthy task or excelled above and beyond the call of duty.

Air Force challenge coins continue to be a widely recognized and respected symbol of achievement and membership within the Air Force. They serve as a symbol of the strong camaraderie among those who serve in the Air Force, as well as a testament to the bravery, dedication, and hard work they display in their service.

Shaping the Future

The Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition oversees the acquisition process for all Air Force programs, including developing and procuring weapons systems, technology, and equipment. The Assistant Secretary for Acquisition plays a crucial role in shaping the future direction and capabilities of the Air Force. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the Air Force has the resources they need to successfully cope with the challenges they face. 

The Assistant Secretary for Acquisition also serves as a key point of contact between the Air Force and Congress, industry, and others. 

An Honor of Service

Custom coins are a popular way to honor and recognize achievement, membership, and historical events in a memorable and meaningful way. The Assistant Secretary for Acquisition coin is a perfect example of this, with its carefully designed artwork that captures the essence of the position and the dedication and hard work required to succeed in it. The coin tells a unique story about the Assistant Secretary and serves as a tangible symbol of the important role they play in shaping the future direction and capabilities of the Air Force. Its attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship make it truly one of a kind.

The coin boasts a classic round shape, but the details within are anything but standard. The coin has a clean, concise layout with unique features on both the front and back, making it a truly one-of-a-kind design. The use of contrasting colors helps the imagery and text stand out, while a cut-out portion in the center of the coin adds a distinctive aesthetic and feel. 

This coin is a creative and well-balanced example of a custom military challenge coin. It incorporates thoughtful details that make it stand out from many other military coins. The placement of the various elements on the coin has been carefully considered to make it memorable and meaningful. This coin is a beautiful and unique way to recognize and honor the hard work and dedication of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition.

The front of the coin features a diamond-like shape in the center with parts of the coin cut out. This diamond shape is colored a deep blue, adding a sense of depth and richness to the design. A green door within the diamond adds a striking contrast, drawing the eye and adding an element of intrigue. The diamond shape also includes the Latin phrase "Non Potes Videre Illam," which translates to "He cannot see her." This phrase adds an element of mystery to the design and adds to the coin's overall appeal.

Surrounding the central imagery is a white border that includes text reading "Department of the Air Force" along the top and "Space Air Cyber" at the bottom. This text helps to contextualize the coin and gives it a sense of purpose and meaning. The coin's silver base serves as a perfect contrast to the blue and green colors used on the coin, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

The coin boasts exceptional attention to detail throughout each element. Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered and crafted to create a coin that is truly one of a kind.

The coin's reverse side is an intricate and detailed design that adds depth and meaning to the overall piece. The diamond-like shape serves as the centerpiece, featuring a stylized version of the Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition's logo. This logo features an image of Earth with an aircraft encircling it, representing the Air Force's mission to protect and defend the planet. The logo is surrounded by text that reads "Secretary of the Air Force Acquisition," highlighting the important role of the acquisition branch in the Air Force. 

At the top of the diamond is the Air Force's five-star insignia. The reverse also includes a white border with text that reads "Department of the Air Force" at the top and "SAF/AQL" along the bottom, providing additional context and information about the coin. The reverse is a beautifully designed and meaningful addition to the overall piece.

This custom coin is a tribute to the dedication, work, and duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. The coin's composition is rich with meaningful details that honor the position and its mission.

At, we produce exceptional and memorable challenge coins that recognize excellence and loyalty. This coin is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all who serve in the Air Force. We are proud to be a part of creating such a memorable and meaningful custom coin. Let us show you what we can do for your challenge coin needs.

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