Custom Coins For Building Team Unity

Jesse Daugherty - Jan 7, 2020
Custom Coins For Building Team Unity

While challenge coins have their origins in military life, their presence is expanding as are their uses. Custom challenge coins are more popular than ever in the civilian world, especially for businesses, civic groups, and other organizations. Custom challenge coins, much like lapel pins, show membership in a particular group. This can apply to a military unit or battalion, a business department, a police or fire department, a fraternal organization, or just about any other group.

These custom coins can be designed with a company logo, Greek letters, a business name, and just about anything else the buyer wants. There are many opportunities to use custom coins in the wordplay. For example, a design team developing a new product could have its own custom challenge coins to show their team unity and dedication.

Challenge coins can also be given to sales staff for outstanding performance. Some organizations might choose to recognize outstanding achievement, longevity on the job, or other milestones. Challenge coins are a great way to showcase appreciation, offering something tangible that is sure to make employees feel valued.

Fraternities and sororities can issue custom challenge coins as well. Members can showcase their allegiance to a specific chapter or campus where the branch is located. Members will carry their coins with pride and will indeed appreciate the challenge aspect of the coins.

Traditionally speaking, one who holds a challenge coin can challenge fellow members of the same group at any time. If a member initiates a challenge by producing his or her challenge coin, others must respond by immediately showing their own. For those who cannot display their challenge coin, the next round of drinks is on them.

Outside of the challenge itself, custom challenge coins are valued for their artwork. Challenge coins can be distributed widely, given, for example, to every employee in a company. However, they can be controlled as well, such as for one specific department. Not only great for recognizing hard work and dedication, but challenge coins also boost morale and team unity.

These days companies and organizations are using challenge coins as an incentive reward or recognition device. Here at ChallengeCoins4Less, we have a team of graphic artists who will work with you to ensure you get the proper custom challenge coin for your budget.

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