Pennsylvania Trappers Association

Pennsylvania Trappers Association

Helping advance the cause of trappers in the Keystone State.

At, we create exceptional custom coins. Today, we take a closer look at a challenge coin we had the honor of creating to celebrate the dedication and legacy of the Pennsylvania Trappers Association.  

Collaborating closely with Association member Todd Strohecker, we set out to design a coin that captured the essence of the organization's commitment to education and wildlife management. Our goal was to craft a coin that symbolizes the association's history and showcase the devotion of the organization.

About the Pennsylvania Trappers Association

Founded with a passion for responsible and ethical trapping, the Pennsylvania Trappers Association (PTA) is committed to educating people about the importance of trapping in wildlife management. Their mission is to preserve trapping traditions while ensuring responsible continuation. 

In collaboration with the PTA and Strohecker, we created a unique coin with a particular purpose. This coin serves as a fundraising tool, with the proceeds used to further the PTA's mission. As Strohecker explained, "We put the money raised from the sale of our coins into a special account that would be used to fight legislation that would try to limit or prevent trapping." He emphasized the coin's role in building this fund without tapping into the organization's operating resources.

The Challenge Coins

These coins serve a dual purpose, not only as tokens of appreciation but also as a means to fund their efforts. 

The antique gold features vivid imagery on its front and reverse sides. On the front of the coin is the PTA logo. The logo includes an intricately detailed wolf's head against a backdrop of bursting rays. Below the wolf's head is the inscription "United We Stand." Finishing off the front is a border of text displaying "Pennsylvania Trappers Association." 

round gold coin representing Pennsylvania Trappers Association

The reverse of the coin features a flat gold background. The center features a 3D representation of a raccoon, brought to life through the artistic talents of Joe Goodman, an artist whose work has appeared in “Trapper & Predator Caller” and “American Trapper” magazines. 

Reverse side of round gold coin representing Pennsylvania Trappers Association

The word "Raccoon" is displayed along the top edge, while the bottom of the coin bears the year "2023," signifying its limited edition status. Notably, we produced only 100 of these 2023 edition coins.


When seeking a provider to create these unique coins, the PTA was referred to by a fellow association member who had a positive experience with our products, particularly for a fire company. Our reputation for producing high-quality challenge coins that meet specific design requirements made us the ideal choice.

Meeting Expectations

PTA couldn't be happier with their decision. “The whole process has been fairly simple, and delivery has always been very prompt,” added Strohecker.

The Reception

Supporters embraced the challenge coins produced for the PTA. The quality and craftsmanship have lived up to their expectations and serve as a tangible representation of support for their cause.

Mr. Strohecker added, “The coins have been very well received, and we are happy with the quality of the product.”

Continued Collaboration

Over the past five years, the Pennsylvania Trappers Association has ordered yearly challenge coins from, a testament to their satisfaction with our products and service. They also expressed their intention to order from us again in the future.

PTA is a shining example of how challenge coins can be more than just tokens; they can be instruments of change. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

At, we're not just about creating high-quality custom coins but about helping organizations like the Pennsylvania Trappers Association make a meaningful impact in their communities.

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