Eastern Michigan University ROTC Eagle Battalion Challenge Coins

Eastern Michigan University ROTC Eagle Battalion Challenge Coins

Custom coins for ROTC cadets at EMU

Challenge coins have a deep history in the military. The Eastern Michigan University ROTC program is the beginning for many cadets preparing for life in the armed services. The program assists cadets, teaching them important values that will carry over into their life in the military. While not all ROTC cadets enter the military, the program teaches leadership skills, fosters teamwork and provides experience attractive for employers of all kinds.

The ROTC program offers competitive scholarships in return for an active-duty service obligation after graduation or completion of a graduate degree. We were honored to work with the Eastern Michigan University ROTC program for a special challenge coin representing the Eagle Battalion.

The Eastern Michigan University Army ROTC program wanted a unique challenge coin representing leadership and excellence. The coin features several notable features that symbolize the program and the university. ROTC is first step for many cadets, and this coin commemorates the start of an outstanding career. 

Designed With Details

Every challenge coin tells a story, and this coin does so with exceptional attention to detail. The coin features a custom shape that incorporates the letter "E" and the university's mascot. The front and rear of the coin feature unique details and contrasting colors that immediately garner attention.

The face of the coin features EMU's eagle mascot over a bright green letter "E." The lettering includes ROTC along the top section and Eastern Michigan University across the bottom. The school colors of green and white are bold, while the text provides essential details about what the coin represents. A black and white border runs around the eagle, and the "E" further accents the design.  

The rear of the coin takes on a much different look. The "E" includes text that reads "Eagle Battalion" across the top and bottom of the coin. The eagle logo has been filled in with a camouflage color scheme, while the ROTC program's shield sits in the middle. The text above and below the shield reads "Leadership" and "Excellence," two core values of the ROTC program.

This stunning challenge coin is an excellent example of a custom-shaped coin. The coin's distinctive features have meaning and significance that will serve as an important reminder to cadets. At ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we take pride in designing military challenge coins and creating coins that will be displayed with pride.


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