Edge of Distinction: Wave Cut Coin Edges

Edge of Distinction: Wave Cut Coin Edges

Custom edges add distinction to custom coins. Here are six outstanding examples of coins with wave-cut edges.

The appeal of custom challenge coins lies in their unique designs and exceptional attention to detail. Custom options make a coin stand out, including coin finishes, color, 3D imagery, and custom edges.

Custom edges add a sense of depth and visual appeal. They go beyond the standard smooth finish. Instead, they boast intricate patterns that distinguish each coin.

One such edge gaining in popularity is the wave cut edge. This outstanding edge is inspired by water ripples, with patterns that mimic the motion of ocean waves. Each curve is meant to give a three-dimensional feel. Custom edges add an extra layer of meaning and depth to any coin. Below, we examine a handful of our favorite challenge coins incorporating the wave cut edge.

All About Custom Edges

Custom edges are much more than a finishing point. They contribute to the uniqueness and charm of each coin. Let's explore the different edge options used for challenge coins.

Standard Edge

The standard edge is the most common option for challenge coins. It features a smooth, flat surface all around the perimeter. This option has a clean, classic look. While it may not match the elaborate nature of custom edges, the standard edge has a timeless aesthetic.

Rope Edge

The rope edge mimics the appearance of twisted ropes, adding elegance and sophistication. This edge type offers texture, enhancing the coin's aesthetic. Rope edges are commonly seen on Navy and Coast Guard coins. 

Cross Cut Edge

The cross cut edge has a criss-cross pattern. The intricate design has a striking effect, adding a shining surface area that will accent each detail.

Oblique Cut Edge

The oblique cut edge features diagonal cuts that add a sense of motion. The sharp lines add a contemporary look, texture, and a sense of movement to the coin.

Slash Cut Edge

The slash-cut edge includes semicircular divots cut into the perimeter of the coin. This option features a bold appearance, perfect for designs with simple artwork.

Reeded Edge

The reeded edge incorporates closely spaced vertical lines, similar to the edge of a coin used in currency. This edge type provides a subtle texture, making it tactile and visually engaging.

Each edge option offers a distinct appeal. From the standard edge's simplicity to the oblique cut's charm, these options appeal to various preferences and themes.

Wave Cut Edge Examples

St. Paddy's Day Challenge Coin

Round gold challenge coin representing St. Patrick's Day.  

This round gold challenge coin pays tribute to the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day, honoring the spirit of Irish heritage through exceptional design. The coin’s attention to detail sets it apart from other custom coins.

The coin's center includes a golden harp set against a black background. Above the harp, the inscription "St. Paddy's Day" celebrates the Irish festivities, while below reads, "Gables Fire." A thick Celtic knot border encircles the central design.

A wave-cut edge finishes off the coin, adding a thoughtful detail that enhances every element. The pattern of the edge complements the Celtic knot border, creating a blend of texture and visual appeal.

This St. Paddy's Day challenge coin stands out for many reasons, from its clean layout to its depth. The craftsmanship and vivid elements are what makes it unforgettable.

"What We Do In Life" Challenge Coin

Round red challenge coin with the text "What we do in life echoes in eternity."  

This custom coin stands as a testament to valor and legacy. A color-heavy aesthetic stands out on this round coin, with a flat red covering the entire design. The contrast and wave-cut edge lend the coin its uniqueness.

The coin's center features a yellow insignia against a red background. This emblem includes a Roman helmet surrounded by a laurel wreath. The helmet rests atop a shield featuring two crossed daggers and a sword. 

A ribbon runs across the center of the symbol and is inscribed with the text "MCM XI" in black. A thick white border encircles the central artwork, contrasting the red backdrop. On the top, the border reads "What We Do In Life," and the bottom presents the phrase "Echoes In Eternity."

If the design alone were not enough to distinguish this coin, the wave-cut edge elevates its attraction. This custom edge adds texture and visual intrigue. Its reflective qualities add a subtle shimmer that enhances the entire coin.

West County Patrol Challenge Coin

Round gold challenge coin belonging to the West County Patrol in Ventura, California.

Crafted in polished gold with a traditional round shape, the West County Patrol challenge coin shines and includes vivid artwork. The design's beauty may be the first thing to catch your eye, but the intricate details set this coin apart.

The center of the coin features an image of a sheriff’s department SUV captured in an offset print style. The SUV sits at a scenic lookout, with the ocean waves rippling on the horizon. Text across the top reads "A Tradition of Service," while the bottom bears the words "Integrity and Honor."

A gold border surrounds the image with bold black text displaying "West County Patrol" at the top and "Headquarters Station" at the bottom. The inclusion of two palm trees in the center represents the headquarters location in Ventura, California.

The wave-cut edge adds shine and accentuates each aspect.

The West County Patrol challenge coin is an exceptional memento of dedication and service. Its unique elements, vivid art, and custom wave cut edge make it memorable.

CCI Challenge Coin  

Round silver challenge coin for CCI (Competency and Credentialing Institute).  

With a classic round shape, crafted from antique silver, the Competency and Credentialing Institute challenge coin has timeless appeal. Its details set it apart, making it a bold and creative standout. From its skillful use of color to its clean and captivating imagery, this coin captivates for many reasons.

The center of the coin bears the logo of the Competency and Credentialing Institute, rendered in a light blue hue. The symbol stands out against the flat silver background. Below the logo is the text "The Leader in Perioperative Certification," in the same blue. A mountain peak stretches from the bottom with shades of blues, whites, and purples. A yellow flag flies atop the peak, and white clouds adorn the background. 

A light blue border complements the central section, featuring a laurel wreath extending down the sides. The top of the border bears the inscription "Est. 1979," denoting the institute's history, while three stars shine brightly at the bottom. A wave-cut edge is a finishing touch, encircling and accenting the entire coin. This custom edge presents a subtle texture, further enhancing each element.

Craftsmanship shines through in this outstanding coin, with its bold aesthetics, complex artwork, and custom edge.

Carry Daily, Journey Often Challenge Coin

Round polished gold challenge coin with wave cut edge.

Crafted in polished gold with a classic round shape, this coin immediately catches the eye with its intricate artwork and bold contrast. Outstanding details, including its custom wave cut edge, further set this coin apart.

The coin's center includes a vivid scene with a sinking ship crafted from the coin's gold base. Sharks surround the vessel, and tentacles from a Kraken reach out from behind a series of waves. This complex, precise artwork shines brightly against a black background.

The nautical compass surrounding the central design adds a touch of navigation and exploration. A thin gold border encircles the compass, accentuating its significance. Further enhancing the coin's allure, a rope-like border extends to the edge. Across the top, the area features the text "Carry Daily." The bottom displays the phrase "Journey Often."

The coin comes full circle with its wave-cut edge. This edge complements the detailed nature of the coin. This unique coin represents the spirit of adventure. From its artwork and contrast to the custom edge, this coin is an excellent example of how a custom edge can affect the look of a coin.

Germantown Fire Department Challenge Coin

Round gold challenge coin representing the Germantown, Tennessee Fire Department.

The Germantown Fire Department coin stands out with its gold and striking design. Crafted in polished gold with a classic round shape, this coin bears the insignia of the Germantown Fire Department of Tennessee.

The center of the coin hosts the department's insignia, combining a ladder, an axe, hoses, and a fireman's helmet wrapped by a laurel wreath. Banners at the top and bottom of the emblem read "Germantown" and "Fire Department." A bold red St. Florian's cross sits in the background. The top of the cross bears the word "Life," while the bottom reads "Property."

A thin red border encircles the central artwork. A thick black border reaches the edge, featuring "Germantown Fire Department" in shining gold across the top and "Tennessee" along the bottom. A wave-cut edge contrasts the black and red components while complementing the gold text and other elements. The custom edge adds a reflective quality that accentuates every detail.

This coin represents the dedication of firefighters. With its shining gold attributes, bold design, and custom wave cut edge, this coin symbolizes unity and honor.

Wave Cut Edges Make Designs Stand Out

One cannot overstate distinctive design elements in the world of challenge coins. Challenge coins are distinguished by details, including custom edges. The wave-cut edge is a standout choice, adding texture and depth to any custom coin.

Custom design elements and edge options offer endless possibilities for creating outstanding coins. Look through our coin gallery for many more memorable custom challenge coins.

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