Elements That Make Outstanding Custom Challenge Coins

Elements That Make Outstanding Custom Challenge Coins

Choices that enhance the distinctiveness of custom coins

At ChallengeCoins4Less.com, we know all about custom challenge coins. For more than fifteen years, we have designed and produced custom coins of all sorts, and we've learned a few things along the way.

Origins of Challenge Coins

What originated as a tradition for members of the military, custom coins have grown in popularity and have expanded far outside of their origins. Today, custom coins are still a significant part of military life. They are also being used by businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations. Challenge coins have been used for several purposes, from marking special occasions to marketing and promotion.

The one thing that all custom coins have in common is their unique details and the level of customization available. No matter if you want a commemorative coin or a custom coin that will help raise brand awareness, we can create it. Custom challenge coins are what we do, and we are committed to top-quality products. 

Artwork Matters

First things first, let's talk about artwork. The art and text you choose to include will enhance your custom coin and provide an eye-catching appeal. Though custom coins do not have to be complicated, they should express different details.

Using a company or brand logo is a great way to gain attention while adding important dates, location details, or a slogan will add a personal touch. If you don't have a specific logo or just don't know what to include, look at existing coins for inspiration. You will find bold details that add an outstanding touch and further detail your design.

Color and Plating Add Visual Appeal

Adding color to your artwork is another excellent way to make any coin pop. Color will enhance your details we mentioned above and will make your coin instantly recognizable. However, if you don't have a logo or an idea of what you want to include, we will help. Our incredible graphic designers and artists will work with you to create something perfect, bring your concept to life, and make the custom coin you envision.

Another element to consider is the plating of your coin. This refers to the metal base which forms the outline of your design. The plating will also serve as a barrier for each individual color. Plating is an important aspect of any custom coin, and it's often overlooked. When choosing a plating color, opt for something that works well with your artwork. Silver and gold are the most popular choices, offering a distinctive look with classic appeal. Gold looks remarkable with warmer colors, while silver pairs nicely with cool colors such as blue. The proper plating can take your custom coin to the next level, offering a novel look with thoughtful details.

Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to challenge coins. It's important to think about your coin's weight and shape. Both elements will add to the value of your design when done right. Standard coins are round, but it isn't your only option. Custom coins can be created in nearly any shape imaginable, even include details such as cutouts.

Choosing a custom-shaped coin will provide a memorable first impression and will become something people won't easily forget. The shape of your coin will say a lot about the coin itself while offering a unique and different look.

In terms of size, it's all about the design. While the most popular challenge coins are 1.75 inches in diameter, they can be produced in larger or smaller sizes. A large coin is ideal for a lot of text or intricate details. The added surface space is perfect for attention to detail that smaller coins cannot include. Smaller coins are the most cost-effective choice, especially when ordering an entire set of challenge coins.

Size also matters in terms of weight and thickness. The heft of a coin will add value and can completely change the look of any coin. Most coins are around 4 millimeters, though a thicker, heavier coin feels more valuable. Keep in mind, though, the larger the coin, the larger the quote. If you are working with a budget, this is something to keep in mind.

Coin Purpose Matters

Once you have determined your artwork, the type of coin you want, the details, and the size of your coin, it's time to think about the purpose of your coin. Are you using your custom coin for marketing and promoting your business? Are you using custom coins as a business card?

Do you want to create a stunning memorial coin for someone special? Or are you looking to develop challenge coins to remember a special moment or occasion? Determining the intentions of your custom coin is a big part of the design process. Consider who's giving the coin, who is receiving it and why.

Custom coins are a good way to recognize hard work and dedication; they are even great for team building. Custom coins may be handed out as a commemoration of specific events or to celebrate notable accomplishments such as promotions, completing a big job, and much more. No matter why you need custom challenge coins, we can help!

We know custom challenge coins. We have nearly 20 years of experience, and we’d be honored to work with you. No matter if you want to create a new design from scratch or already have a fully realized concept, we will help. We have the experience needed to create fantastic custom coins, and our incredible team will help you throughout every step of the process. Ready to get started with your next order? Simply get a free quote or email us. Let us show you how easy ordering and designing custom challenge coins can be!

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Jesse Daugherty


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