Elevating Challenge Coins with Epoxy Coating

Elevating Challenge Coins with Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating protects and enhances custom challenge coins

 Challenge coins have long held a special place in military and law enforcement. They serve as a symbol of camaraderie, achievement, and belonging. Over time, the popularity of custom challenge coins has expanded into various industries and organizations. From their humble origins as military tokens, challenge coins have evolved into symbols of honor, unity, and excellence. 

 With an array of custom options for challenge coins, the possibilities are endless when creating a design that stands out. Today, we look at one of these custom options, epoxy coating. 

 The epoxy coating offers more than just visual appeal. It also safeguards the details, enhances the colors, and provides a durable finish. Below, we examine a handful of unique challenge coins that use epoxy coating, illustrating how epoxy coating transforms them into works of art.

 Enhancing Beauty and Durability 

Epoxy is a versatile, durable polymer that provides a protective and glossy finish when applied to challenge coins. The finish looks outstanding and protects against wear, tear, and fading. The epoxy layer shields the artwork and details from the elements.

Advantages of Epoxy Coating 

Vibrant Colors: Epoxy coating has the ability to intensify and preserve colors, ensuring that the coin remains vivid and eye-catching over time.

Protection Against Wear: Challenge coins often change hands and travel through various environments. The epoxy coating acts as a shield, guarding the coin against scratches, moisture, and other potential sources of damage.

Added Texture: The glossy finish of epoxy coating lends a tactile quality to the coin. This tactile element can make the coin more appealing to touch and hold.

 Longevity: By offering a protective layer, the epoxy coating extends the lifespan of challenge coins, allowing their beauty and significance to endure for years.

Coin buyers often choose epoxy-coated coins for special occasions, commemorations, and awards. They add sophistication to the design, making each coin stand out. Whether it's a badge of honor or a representation of achievement, epoxy-coated challenge coins stand the test of time.

USS Decatur Challenge Coin

Round polished silver challenge coin representing the USS Decatur.

The USS Decatur challenge coin is a balanced combination of craftsmanship and creativity. The coin features a polished silver base that accents the elements of this outstanding coin. The coin's center includes a detailed representation of the USS Decatur as it navigates the sea. The vivid image is the centerpiece of the entire design, accented by black text, a white border, and a shining silver base. 

A thick white border surrounds the image, with a black star centered on each side of the picture. The top of the border is inscribed with "USS Decatur," while the bottom reads "Always In The Right." 

The coin receives its finishing touch with an epoxy coating that covers the image of the USS Decatur. Its glossy effect enhances the appearance, adding depth to the ship's silhouette and offering tactile appeal. The coin demonstrates how an epoxy coating can elevate the details of a challenge coin.

Last Supper Challenge Coin

Round challenge coin featuring image of Michaelangelo's “Last Supper.”

This coin, crafted from antique gold, combines classic aesthetics with modern appeal. The center of the coin includes a miniature masterpiece, an homage to Michaelangelo's iconic “Last Supper” painting. This intricate reproduction captures the essence of the original on a smaller scale. The antique gold base is the perfect medium, offering a timeless appeal. 

Surrounding the “Last Supper” image is a bevy of ornate segments. The embellishments draw the eye to the center of the coin. The text above the painting reads "Do this in remembrance of me." The inscription "1 Corinthians 11:24" below displays the coin's spiritual context. 

The details of the coin stand out on a recessed, dark background. A ring of lines, circles, and diamond shapes surround the image, while elaborate motifs extend from the top and bottom of the coin. 

The coin's epoxy coating adds the final layer of intricacy. The epoxy amplifies the details of the image, making the coin come to life. The coin blends centuries-old artistry and modern ingenuity with its timeless aesthetic and epoxy coating. 

This coin is an example of how to commemorate and celebrate with something visually appealing.

Iraq Veteran Challenge Coin

Round challenge coin honoring an Iraq war veteran.

This coin stands out thanks to its brilliance and detail. The coin features a gold base that sets the stage for a display of artistry and symbolism. The coin shows how epoxy coating can take any coin to new heights. 

The center displays the coat of arms of the United States. The colorful portrayal includes an eagle with its wings outstretched. Clutching an olive branch and thirteen arrows, the eagle represents peace and strength. The escutcheon at the eagle's chest, adorned with 13 bars, pays homage to the original 13 colonies. 

A ribbon in the eagle's mouth holds the text "E Pluribus Unum," Latin for "Out of many, one." Above the eagle, a sunburst design composed of thirteen stars is another nod to the thirteen original states. 

The coat of arms rests upon a textured gold background, accenting each element and color of the emblem. Encircling the symbol, a black border features the inscription "Welcome Home" across the top and "Iraq Veteran" along the bottom." Three gold stars accent the text on each side. An epoxy coating covers the coin's surface. 

The epoxy coating safeguards the art and accentuates the attributes of the coin. The gloss of the epoxy coating draws the eye to the details of the coat of arms, adding to the sheen of the polished gold base. 

This coin demonstrates how epoxy coating can be a protector and enhancer. Epoxy coating combines each element of the coin, from the emblem's vibrant colors to the gold base.

VFW Challenge Coin

Round polished gold challenge coin representing the VFW.

This round coin, crafted from polished gold, blends meaning and symbolism. While its purpose and craftsmanship are memorable, each element gains from an epoxy coating.

The coin's center includes the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) seal. The seal consists of the United States coat of arms encircled by a blue border with gold text reading "Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States." 

Behind the coat of arms, a red Maltese Cross adds a contrasting touch. Bursting sun rays around the cross symbolize the courage and sacrifice of those who have journeyed far to defend the nation.

The VFW seal sits on a textured gold background, allowing the intricate details to stand out. A black border encircles the design with the message "Be proud of your service" across the top and "Service before Self" along the bottom. Four stars on each side of the coin highlight the coin and its meaning. 

An epoxy coating finishes off the coin, covering the entire layout. The epoxy protects the elements of the coin from wear and tear. Beyond protection, the epoxy's gloss accentuates the colors of the coin and its gold base. 

The coin blends the symbolism of the VFW and attention to detail, highlighting the elements of the design and protecting it with an epoxy coating.

NASA Protective Services Challenge Coin

Round challenge coin representing NASA Protective Services.

This round coin and its polished gold base represent NASA Protective Services. The coin combines unique features, bold colors, and epoxy coating that command attention. The result is a distinctive coin that incorporates with meaningful details. The front and reverse of the coin follow a similar layout, each with its distinct differences. 

The front includes a black background extending over the entire coin, drawing attention to each design element. The shield of NASA Protective Services stands in the center of the coin. The emblem features an eagle with a ribbon with the text "NASA." The shield displays the NASA logo in blue, red, and orange hues. 

A thin gold ring encircles the emblem, and the text "Special Agent" above and "Protective Services" emphasizes the team's duties. The border area around the shield has the text "NASA Protective Services" in gold at the top, flanked by stars on either side. "Protect and Serve" is inscribed on the bottom. 

The reverse mirrors the black background, though the NASA emblem takes center stage. The logo features a bold blue representation of a planet, while "NASA" spans the center. The design also includes a red V-shaped wing symbolizing aeronautics that accents the text, while the orbit piece represents the agency's commitment to space travel. 

An epoxy coating finishes off the coin, extending to the edge. The coating adds depth to the black background, further emphasizing each detail. The coating accents the contrasting colors and allows each element to shine. The coin is a combination of detail and craftsmanship. 

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Challenge Coin

Round silver challenge coin representing MIT's Lincoln Laboratory.

This coin represents the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory. The design combines outstanding elements, highlighted by epoxy coating, which enhances the entire coin.

The coin depicts the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the center image of the coin. The image stands out with color and detail, covered by an epoxy coating. The coating adds protection but also accentuates the colors and intricacy of the picture. 

A bold green border encircles the design, adding a touch of contrast. Text across the top reads "Massachusetts Institute of Technology," while the bottom reads "Lincoln Laboratory." 

This coin presents an impressive blend of color and visual appeal. The epoxy coating highlights the coin's imagery and adds texture.

Each coin above demonstrates how epoxy can elevate any custom challenge coin. Epoxy coating is multifaceted, accenting design cues and adding depth while protecting these works of art. It's a reminder that the smallest details can stand out. Take a look through our coin gallery for more outstanding challenge coins, and get inspired to create one of your own.

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