Emergency Management Challenge Coins For Porter County, Indiana

Emergency Management Challenge Coins For Porter County, Indiana

Commemorating dedicated public safety professionals

Custom coins have a storied past rooted in military tradition. The tradition has grown outside of the military. Police and fire departments, businesses, government organizations, and other entities adopted challenge coins. These small custom challenge coins are a tangible way to recognize accomplishments, mark membership in a group, or to commemorate milestones and special occasions. A thoughtful challenge coin is a meaningful keepsake cherished by the recipient. 

For nearly two decades, ChallengeCoins4Less has designed and produced challenge coins of all sorts. We recently had the chance to create a commemorative challenge coin for the Porter County, Indiana Emergency Management Agency

This challenge coin is an excellent example of a clean, understated layout. Simple and elegant, the coin represents the agency through the elements of the design. The custom coin also provides clear information about the role of the agency. 

The Porter County, Indiana Emergency Management Agency keeps the public informed about emergency protocols during natural disasters. The agency also provides resources to emergency responders, including police, fire, and EMS, when those agencies have exceeded their own capabilities. Those resources may include a mobile command truck, light towers, generators, rescue boats, and personnel. The agency also creates plans for response and recovery for different types of disasters. 

Porter County lies on the northern edge of Indiana and is considered part of the Chicago metropolitan area. As part of the county's public safety department, the emergency management agency assists residents to keep them safe and prepared in case of a disaster. The coin represents the duties, purpose, and values of the agency. Let's take a closer look and find out what makes it unique.

Honor Commitment

Challenge coins are informative and tell a story. This great challenge coin design is simple and sharp, perfectly representing the Porter County Emergency Management Agency. The coin has a typical round shape with different layouts on the front and back. The gold-plated coin features black text that contrasts the base. 

The Porter County Emergency Management Agency presented these custom challenge coins to those who assisted in the Covid response. The coins were also presented to the Health Department, highway department, police, fire and EMS agencies/personnel who assisted during the COVID response. The agency supplied emergency supplies including N95 masks, Tyvek suits, face shields, gloves, and other items to agencies that could not obtain those items due to shortages. They also coordinated essential resources between agencies as well as cities within the area to ensure all of the equipment and assistance was in place to help the public.

The face of the coin features four symbols in the middle that represent the agency's areas of expertise. These include the HAZMAT response team, local weather, emergency preparedness, and an American flag. These details are split in half with a black bar with "Porter County" in gold text. Circling the center of the coin is a black ring with gold text that includes "Emergency" along the top and "Management Agency" across the bottom. Finishing off the front of the coin is a recessed area around the edge that adds texture, making the central logos stand out. 

Front of round gold-plated challenge coin ordered by Porter County Indiana Emergency Management Agency

The reverse side of the coin takes a much more understated approach. Encircling the coin's border is text representing the agency's core values. These include "Commitment," "Quality," "Respect," "Safety," and "Integrity." The middle of the coin reads: "To assist Porter County in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from hazardous incidents and disasters."

Reverse of challenge coin ordered by Porter County Indiana Emergency Management Agency. Gold with black text.

This particular challenge coin is a prime example of a clean and classic-looking challenge coin. The overall design is informative and precise, flawlessly representing the Porter County Emergency Management Agency and its role in public safety. We take pride in creating exceptional challenge coins that honor hard work and dedication to the community.  

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