Forged in Honor: Exploring the World of Army Challenge Coins

Forged in Honor: Exploring the World of Army Challenge Coins

Custom Army challenge coins honor courage and dedication.

At, we understand the importance and meaning of custom challenge coins. These coins embody recognition, camaraderie, and accomplishment, and are a staple of military culture across the armed services. Today we learn more about Army challenge coins, their importance, symbolism, and artwork. 

Those who receive Army challenge coins revere them. They go beyond being mere tokens. They are cherished items that encapsulate the values of the Army. These coins represent achievements, milestones, and shared experiences. 

We are excited to showcase five exceptional Army challenge coins we have had the privilege to produce. Each of these coins is a testament to the values of the Army units they represent. Through intricate designs and meaningful elements, they foster a sense of pride, unity, and motivation among their recipients.

Army Challenge Coins

Army coins are unique tokens of honor and camaraderie that hold deep significance. These challenge coins have a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century, with their origins rooted in World War I. Soldiers often carried the coins as proof of their membership in a unit. 

Soldiers receive custom challenge coins to commemorate their accomplishments, foster a sense of belonging, and strengthen the bonds within a unit. They are reminders of the bravery, dedication, and sacrifices made by service members.

The Army awards challenge coins for acts of courage, exceptional performance, and accomplishments. Service members often exchange the coins during ceremonies, unit gatherings, and special events. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of Army challenge coins is their intricate, meaningful design. These coins may include unit logos, mottos, emblems, and characters with specific significance. From the choice of metals and colors to 3D elements, the design aspects of Army challenge coins make them distinctive.

U.S. Army Deep Sea Divers Challenge Coin

Front and reverse of round challenge coin belonging to US Army 7th Engineer Dive Detachment

This remarkable coin is a testament to the craftsmanship and symbolism of Army challenge coins. With its attention to detail and noteworthy elements, it captures the spirit of the Army's deep sea divers.  

Both the front and reverse sides of the round coin possess distinct aspects while maintaining a consistent color scheme. On the front, a gold diving helmet represents the deep sea divers of the Army’s 7th Engineer Dive Detachment. It illustrates their courage and expertise in navigating the depths. 

The background displays the gold Corps Castle logo of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, set against a striking blue hue. The coin includes a silhouette of Hawaii in green above, accompanied by the text "Est. 1968" below it. Just below the Corps Castle logo, the text "U.S. Army" signifies the affiliation.  

A bold red border surrounds the central artwork, creating a striking contrast and distinction. Along the top, the inscription "7th Engineer Dive Detachment" identifies the specific unit. At the bottom, "Hawaii" highlights the unit's location.  

The reverse side continues the design. The same blue backdrop from the front remains in the center. Across the middle of the coin, the phrase "Aquam ingredi Paratus" stands out in white, meaning "Ready to Enter the Water" in Latin.

This motto demonstrates the readiness and preparedness of the deep sea divers. Two large tentacles, one holding a trident, reach upward from the bottom of the coin. In the background, a stylized hibiscus flower conveys the connection to Hawaii.  

The red border from the front of the coin extends to the reverse, framing the design with distinction. Along the top, "U.S. Army Deep Sea Divers" is inscribed, signifying the specialized nature of the unit. Across the bottom, "Krakens" evokes the legendary sea creature associated with the unit's identity. The oblique cut edge of the coin adds individuality. 

This challenge coin exemplifies the elements that make Army challenge coins exceptional, and shows superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Garrison Command Team Challenge Coins

Front and back of polished silver challenge coin ordered for US Amry Total Force Training Center

Crafted with precision, this polished silver challenge coin features a traditional round form with fantastic elements, making it a distinguished symbol of merit. 

The Army logo adorns the center of the coin. To the left of the logo, the colonel emblem includes an eagle with a U.S. shield emblazoned on its chest. The eagle firmly grasps an olive branch and a bundle of arrows, signifying the Army's commitment to peace and defense. On the right side, the rank insignia for Command Sergeant Major stands. 

Above the logos, the text "Col Mike Poss" pays tribute to the Colonel, while below, "CSM Raquel Didomenico" honors the Command Sergeant Major. The coin has a bold black border featuring "Garrison Command Team" along the top and "Presented for Excellence" across the bottom. 

The coin's reverse side presents a nice contrast to the front. The interior has a clean white backdrop, showcasing the Total Force Training Center at Fort McCoy logo. The logo depicts a silhouette of green trees surrounded by a green outline. Surrounding the logo, the text "Training," "Readiness," and "Soldiers" emphasize the essential aspects of the center's mission.  

The black border from the front of the coin extends to the reverse, providing a sense of continuity. This time, "Fort McCoy, WI," graces the top, signifying the training center's location. Along the bottom, "Total Force Training Center" is inscribed, underscoring the center's duties in preparing soldiers for success. 

This military challenge coin stands out with its exquisite layout and expressive elements.

434th Field Artillery Brigade Challenge Coin

Rectangular challenge coin belonging to 434th Field Artillery Brigade

This extraordinary challenge coin stands out with its custom shape and meticulous attention to detail. Its distinct rectangular shape perfectly represents the 434th Field Artillery Brigade. 

The coin's center depicts the symbol of the 434th Field Artillery Brigade, representing the brigade's history and accomplishments. On the left side of the coin, a red background sets the stage for the silver colonel insignia.

With a U.S. shield emblazoned on its chest, the eagle firmly clutches an olive branch and a bundle of arrows. (Eagle imagery is quite popular on military coins of all branches.) On the right side, a yellow backdrop complements the rank insignia for Command Sergeant Major, signifying leadership and expertise.  

Above the central imagery, the inscription "434th Field Artillery Brigade" identifies the unit, while below, "Presented for Excellence" emphasizes the high standards and achievements celebrated by this exceptional coin.  

This coin's custom shape and attention to detail make it a true standout among Army challenge coins.

 America's First Corps Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin, round with transparent enamel finish,  for US Army First Corps.

This particular challenge coin has a standard round form, though it sets itself apart with its remarkable elements. The coin captures attention with a stylized American flag background in light brown and black. 

Overlaid on this backdrop, three stars shine brightly, while the Command Sergeant Major rank symbol is below them. Surrounding the central design, a border of text reads "For Excellence America's First Corps," signifying the commitment of the corps. At the bottom of the coin, "Courage" is a reminder of the bravery and determination embodied by those who serve. 

A transparent enamel finish is carefully applied to the top of the coin to enhance aesthetics and durability. This finishing touch provides a shimmering effect and protects the coin. 

This coin showcases exceptional craftsmanship and detail, making it a cherished symbol by its recipient.

 85th Army Reserve Support Command Challenge Coin

Polished silver round challenge coin belonging to 85th Army Reserve Support Command

Crafted from polished silver, this Army coin features a standard round shape. The center of the design includes the unit crest of the 85th U.S. Army Reserve Support Command.

Nicknamed “Custer Division,” it was originally organized at Camp Custer, Michigan. The 85th U.S. Army Reserve Support Command insignia pays tribute to the accomplished but ill-fated cavalryman. The crest features scarlet and blue hues that represent the personal flag of Custer.

A scarlet cravat is located in the middle. A pair of crossed sabers honor Custer's service. A laurel wreath wraps around the emblem symbolizing his accomplishments. The star and cross element in the center of the cravat is the Regimental Badge of the 7th Cavalry. The blue scroll at the bottom with two stars on each side is a reference to Custer’s promotion to Major General.

The top half of the coin bears the text "85th Army Reserve Support Command," representing the unit's identity. At the bottom, the inscription "Headquarters Commandant" represents the individual who manages the administrative and operational functions of a headquarters unit.  

To the left of the battalion's logo, a small yellow leaf adds a touch of visual interest. On the right side, the rank insignia for First Sergeant emphasizes leadership and expertise. These details stand out against the coin's textured silver backdrop, adding depth and character to the design.  

A thin silver border elegantly frames the coin, providing a clean, precise aesthetic that complements the overall composition.

Dedicated to Excellence

Each of these five challenge coins honors their respective units' triumphs, unity, and excellence. What sets military challenge coins apart is the range of designs they encompass. From custom shapes to meticulous attention to detail, these coins capture the essence of the Army and its proud traditions. 

Whether you are a member of the Army community, a collector, or someone seeking a memorable gift, Army challenge coins are a lasting representation of honor, unity, and shared purpose. At, we take pride in what we do. With our expertise in crafting custom challenge coins, we can assist you in designing a coin that captures the essence of your Army experience.



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