Forms With Function: Custom Bottle Opener Coins

Did you know that you can transform custom challenge coins into bottle openers?

It is easy to understand why challenge coins have become so popular. They are functional marketing tools, useful for small businesses and large corporations alike. Did you know that you can transform custom challenge coins into bottle openers? Together, these two products are amazing, but when combined with one another, they become an exceptional marketing tool. 

Custom coins are popular among businesses, schools, sororities, fraternities, and nonprofit organizations. They are an innovative way for companies to stand out from their competitors. Customers, clients, and vendors will appreciate unique challenge coins and value their practicality.

The ability to open a cold one with your very own custom coin has unrivaled appeal. Creating a challenge coin bottle opener means more than simply adding bright colors and eye-catching designs. With a bit of planning and some helpful tips, you can easily create your own bottle opener challenge coin. Let’s learn more about custom challenge coins and how to transform them into stunning custom bottle openers.

What Are Bottle Opener Challenge Coins?

The easy answer is that they are custom challenge coins with an area designed to open a bottle. Challenge coin bottle openers can be similar in size and shape to standard challenge coins. The main difference is the area cut away to make room for the bottle opener.

It's easy to incorporate a bottle opener into your layout, and there are a number of different ways to do so. You can integrate a large internal opening in the center of the coin or add hidden openers seamlessly to the shape of the coin. Whether you are cutting the coin or shaping the edge, bottle opener coins feature exceptional details in their design.

Consider a few things before devising a bottle opener coin. Will the bottle opener be the primary purpose of the coin? Or will it be a notable feature that influences the rest of the coin? Additionally, be sure you choose the right metal option for your project. One thing is for sure -- Recipients will appreciate the portability and thoughtfulness of custom coin bottle openers.

Internal and External Bottle Openers

There is a significant difference between internal and external bottle openers when it comes to their location. Internal bottle openers feature a hole and tooth cut in the middle of the challenge coin, creating a fully contained cut-out. 

External bottle openers are integrated into the outer edge of the coin. The advantage of this option is that you have more surface area for your design elements, while still keeping the bottle opener functional and ready to use at all times. One drawback is that external bottle openers usually do not last as long as internal bottle openers do. They do allow for more creative flexibility.

Adding a Bottle Opener to Challenge Coins

External bottle openers are shaped along the coin's edge as part of its overall shape. This creates a unique appearance for the coin and adds a touch of texture to it as well.

An internal bottle opener is made by cutting through the middle of a coin. For these designs, the coin should be at least 2" in diameter to open the bottle cap. An external bottle opener must have a specific shape to accommodate it, which means that there are fewer customization options available.

Because bottle openers change the shape of your coin, you will need to adjust your art and/or text to accommodate the modified shape. Bottle opener coins need to be a bit larger than standard coins. This allows the bottle opener to function and provides more area for text, imagery, and other details.

Designing A Challenge Coin Bottle Opener

Adding a bottle opener to your custom coin can be challenging. Typically, custom coins with internal bottle openers have an understated aesthetic that looks like a traditional bottle opener. External openers are characterized by their curved edges that add a distinctive shape to the design of a coin. Both can be tricky to work around.

We recommend that you customize the entire shape of the coin. When the bottle opener is treated as a coin feature, it will result in a cleaner layout and a sharper visual design. Internal and external openers make fun features for specific configurations. Try out new ideas and shapes, including a custom bottle opener as an element to add visual appeal.

Wooden Bottle Openers

Did you know we can make custom wooden bottle openers? Wooden bottle openers are a way to put a unique twist on the standard coin. In addition to being lightweight and functional, they are also aesthetically pleasing and a suitable alternative to traditional bottle openers.

Wooden bottle openers have a rustic feel and a fun aesthetic with a special opener attachment on the underside. These wooden openers arrive as a 2.5" birch wood disc and are fantastic items for giveaways, raffles, or presented as keepsakes.

A bottle opener can be an excellent way to add fun and functionality to your challenge coin. Adding a bottle opener to your coin is one of the most interactive customization options you can add to any coin. Make your custom coin design stand out from the rest. Take a chance and do something different. Find out more about bottle opener challenge coins and create one of your own.

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