Fraternity Challenge Coins

Fraternity Challenge Coins

From beer to fraternity, custom challenge coins promote brotherly bonding.

Are you in a fraternity and looking for a new way to bond with your brothers? Let me tell you about fraternity coins, my friend.

Challenge coins are small to large-ish sized coins that can be carried around in a pocket or wallet. Once someone is issued a challenge coin, he must carry it with him at all times.

Usually people who have something in common are issued challenge coins. For example, challenge coins work well for people who belong to the same club, work for the same company or belong to the same branch of the military.

When someone who has a coin takes it out and slams it down on a table, everyone else around who also has been issued a coin must slam theirs down as well. Any person who doesn’t have his challenge coin on him must pay for the next round of drinks. If everyone has their coin, the person who initiated the challenge must pay.

What better way to bring your frat brothers together than to issue them all challenge coins? You can have your coins inscribed with your fraternity and chapter name. The symbol for your frat can also be added to the front or back of the coin.

Fraternity coins provide a great way to bond members who are current brothers and also those who have already graduated. There’s nothing like a get-together that ends with a challenge and a round of beer!

Challenge coins can be created in gold, brass, metal, copper, duo-tone and more. Additionally, you can opt to have a standard edge, rope cut edge or even a wave cut edge for your challenge coins. There are a ton of options you can choose from to create the perfect coin to represent your fraternity.

When you hand out the challenge coins to your brothers, be sure to express the seriousness that comes along with being a coin carrier. Those brothers who fail to produce their coins at the time of a challenge will absolutely be held to paying for the next round of drinks!