From Anchors to Eagles: Our Favorite Navy Challenge Coins

From Anchors to Eagles: Our Favorite Navy Challenge Coins

Navy challenge coins are symbolic mementos that commemorate sailors' service. These five designs are outstanding examples of the best of custom Navy coins.

Navy challenge coins hold a special place in the hearts of sailors and veterans. Challenge coins are symbolic mementos that embody their unwavering dedication and commitment to duty. Originating from a tradition that traces back to World War I, challenge coins represent the profound bond shared by Navy personnel and the great pride they hold in their service. 
Below, we examine five outstanding Navy challenge coins. Each is distinguished by their design and significance. From commemorating milestones to honoring elite units, these coins encompass the values and accomplishments of those who have faithfully served in the U.S. Navy.

Designed With Details

White coin with polished gold base honoring Navy Chief Nicholas Sherwood

This coin honors Navy Chief Nicholas Sherwood. The coin's design is notable for its blend of bold colors and striking artwork. Created in a traditional round shape, the coin employs contrasting colors that enhance every intricate detail. Positioned at the coin's center is an insignia featuring a snarling skull adorned with a formal Navy hat, flanked by two crossed swords in its jaws. 
The design stands out against the coin's white background, using the polished gold base to highlight each component. Above the emblem, you'll find the text "Navy Chief" in a vivid blue, contrasting cleanly with the white backdrop. Additional text adorns the coin's edge, with "CTTC (SW/IW/AW) Nicholas Sherwood" along the top and "Tried, Tempered, & Trued" along the bottom.

Crafting every aspect of the coin resulted in a precise, polished appearance. The intricate details pay homage to the rich history of the Navy and the esteemed position of Navy Chief while exemplifying the qualities of a thoughtfully designed challenge coin. 

Minimal But Meaningful

Round Navy challenge coin with caduceus in center, surrounded by wide blue border and narrow white border

This coin exemplifies a minimalist design approach with meticulous attention to detail. The traditional round form pays tribute to Navy medics, showcasing a striking design incorporating significant elements. At the heart of the coin lies a caduceus, a staff with wings and a pair of intertwined serpents. This emblem stands out against a flat background, enhanced by the coin's antique gold base. 
Delicately framing the insignia is a thin white border, while a broader blue border provides a nice contrast that allows the central design to stand out. The blue border area displays the text "United States Navy" at the top while featuring "1989 - 2017" at the bottom. A thin white border skillfully completes the design, framing the entire composition and adding a touch of sophistication. 
This coin sets itself apart from conventional Navy coins, embracing simplicity while incorporating sharp design characteristics that make it distinctive. 

Color and Detail

Round Navy challenge coin with trident on blue background and overlay of the Great Lakes

This exceptional coin distinguishes itself in multiple ways. The coin features a standard round shape, but its design elements are anything but conventional. The coin includes the Navy trident, expertly crafted from a polished gold base. Contrasting the foundation are the light blue depictions of the Great Lakes, which add depth and visual appeal. Set against a dark blue background, the trident and the intricate shapes of the Great Lakes boldly emerge. 
Strategically positioned at the top is the text "Quarterdeck of the Navy," while "Excellence in Training" is inscribed at the bottom of the design. A delicate gold chain encircles the central design, enhancing its overall look. A gold border finishes the coin, further complementing the composition. 
This coin epitomizes superb craftsmanship. Each component commands attention in its own right, contributing something distinct. 

Commemorating Service

Round coin commomorating the USS Bunker Hill (CG-52)

This remarkable coin captivates with its bold elements, distinctive colors, and exceptional craftsmanship. Finely detailed in every aspect of its design, it features a round form. The coin features the USS Bunker Hill emblem, including a scarlet hill, battlements, and muskets with bayonets. 
Accompanying those elements are a powder horn and an anchor, representing maritime traditions. The shield features a sea dragon grasping a flaming sword, symbolizing the formidable prowess of the USS Bunker Hill.  
Stars pay tribute to the ship's eleven battle honors, while two white bars represent American courage. A deep blue backdrop showcases the insignia, surrounded by a refined gold chain accenting a blue border. A bold white border presents the text "USS Bunker Hill (CG52)" at the top and "Sword of the Fleet" at the bottom. The coin features a unique wave-cut edge, enhancing its visual appeal. 
This coin stands as a testament to its remarkable and distinct components. With careful consideration given to each aspect, this coin demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship. 

Simple and Sharp

Badge shaped coin honoring U.S. Navy Security Officers

This particular coin serves as a tribute to U.S. Navy Security Officers. Diverging from the conventional round shape, it embraces a custom badgelike shape. At the heart of the design lies the Navy Security Officer crest, featuring an Eagle atop the composition, accompanied by a laurel wreath adorning its sides. 
The coin features a standard gold base, while the center includes a badge and star emblem. Positioned above the badge and star, the text "U.S. Navy Security" commands attention, while below it, "Officer 2007" denotes the year. This coin's design embodies simplicity and precision. While it may appear as one of the more uncomplicated designs in the collection, its significant elements boldly stand out. 
Navy challenge coins are a unique way of recognizing and honoring the dedication, achievements, and camaraderie within the Navy community. These coins are a symbol of pride and serve as a reminder of the Navy's rich traditions and values. Their importance extends beyond mere collectibles, as they embody the ethos and heritage of the Navy. 
At, we take pride in celebrating our armed forces. The five coins above show our commitment to producing the highest quality designs. Our team of artists and designers bring creativity, precision, and attention to detail to every step of the design and production process, resulting in coins that honor the Navy's legacy and demonstrate the excellence of our craftsmanship. 

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