Insider Info! Five Easy Tips For Crafting Custom Challenge Coins

Insider Info! Five Easy Tips For Crafting Custom Challenge Coins

Five steps to create the ideal challenge coins

Designing a challenge coin has never been easier. However, the thought of all the details can be overwhelming. There is much more to a custom coin than a logo and some simple text. The best part about challenge coins is the level of customization you have in the entire process. The details matter, including elements such as plating, size, shape, and more.

The options may seem daunting, but we are here to help. With more than fifteen years of experience creating challenge coins and coins of all sorts, we've picked up a few things along the way. Below, we touch on five key areas of focus for designing the perfect challenge coin. This will make the whole process easier, resulting in a coin you will be proud of. 

Your Coin's Purpose

It's important to understand who you are creating challenge coins for. Consider why you are making a custom coin. Do you want to acknowledge a particular act or service? Is the coin going to serve as a symbol of pride and honor? Coins are designed with a purpose, from simple to in-depth..  Once you have identified your coin's intention, the rest of the design process becomes manageable.

Consider Your Design

Once you understand why you are making a challenge coin, think about your coin's actual design. It's always a good idea to conceptualize a few different ideas before sending. It's better to start your plan with a clear concept before sending them in. Think about details such as what emblems or logos to include or what colors and font styles will work best. It's also vital to think about how people will identify with the design. With a range of unique options, you will undoubtedly create something eye-catching and memorable for everyone, from supporters and customers to fans, friends, and family.


Now that you know who your coins are going to and you have a general concept, it's time to get into the artwork. Our design team is capable of turning any rough sketch or idea into a well-designed challenge coin. However, the quality of your artwork will play a significant role in how your coin turns out. The better your starting artwork, the easier it will be to produce a professional look that matches your concept. High-quality vectored artwork is ideal, though something as simple as a rough outline of your coin shape with logo and details will help immensely.


Now that we've got a good idea of what to include and how we want the coin to look, it's time to consider the options. We have an array of options that will enhance the look of any custom coin. From plating options and metal styles to edge options, sequential numbering, and others, your details will add personality to your design. Challenge coins may be produced in gold and silver metals, with polished brass, polished copper, antique copper, antique brass, and other finishes. They can even be created in nearly any shape and size imaginable. You have all the control over every aspect of the design. 

Talk to Us

Here at, our team works daily to create renditions of the concepts we are sent. It's essential to plan ahead when ordering challenge coins. You never know what revisions might need to be made, and you want plenty of time to make adjustments. Sending your ideas early is never a bad idea, and sending them late means you will run the risk of not getting your products on time.

These five tips will help expedite the design process and will bring you one step closer to getting great challenge coins. Are you ready to get started with your order? We make it easier than ever! Simply get a free quote or email us with any questions you have. Let us show you how easy it can be! 

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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