Know Your Options! All About Challenge Coin Plating Options

Know Your Options! All About Challenge Coin Plating Options

When designing a custom challenge coin, you want every aspect to make sense and look fantastic. Here at, we have created and produced challenge coins of all...

Jesse Daugherty

When designing a custom challenge coin, you want every aspect to make sense and look fantastic. At, we have created and produced challenge coins of all sorts. We have learned a few things over the years too. One thing that can impact the appearance of your coin is the different plating options. 

Often overlooked, plating options provide challenge coins with a unique appeal, changing the charm and aesthetic of any design. There are hundreds of different customization combinations, but the plating option sets the backdrop for the rest of your coin's expression. We examine the different plating options below and how they transform your challenge coin. 

A challenge coin's plating is the metal used for the external finish. The most common choices are gold and silver, though copper and nickel are popular options as well. However, you may also opt for duo-tone coins that give a novel and eye-catching flash. Plating sets the tone for your coin's presence, whether looking for an aged and refined or a modern, polished aesthetic. 

Your plating serves as the backdrop of your design, setting the metallic surface with gold, silver, copper, and more. Some plans and artwork work better with particular plating choices, and some plating selections will obscure details. Don't worry, though; we're here to help. We offer free artwork and revisions, which means you can ensure that your challenge coin looks its best before production. With a better understanding of what plating actually is, let's take a glance at the different plating options. 

We have various plating options, offering both polished and antiqued styles. High polished coin plating is our most popular option and our standard selection. This provides a gleaming shine across the entire surface of the coin, appearing to be a newly-minted design in the process. 

Polished gold coins have a regal and prestigious approach, while shiny silver coins shimmer. Copper coins are also great when polished, as the reddish hue shines through for a unique appearance while presenting textured effects and designs beautifully. 

Antique plating is an excellent option for a classic look. This plating option provides a timeless and time-worn appearance and is another popular option. Antique plating provides dark color in the recessed areas of the coin, contributing an elegant allure for almost any design. 

Antique gold plating offers a warmer gold look and darker finish, great for fine details and small script. Antique silver plating is darker than polished silver, boasting an almost pewter-like finish. Antiqued copper creates deep red shadows in the recessed areas, giving a stunning shading effect on 3D coins. 

With all of the custom options to choose from, including selecting a plating style, designing a coin be daunting. We make it easy, and we know what it takes to create a well-designed challenge coin. At, we have over fifteen years of experience creating custom coins and an incredible team of artists. 

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