Learn More About Our Custom Bottle Openers!

Rick Cundiff - May 3, 2019
Learn More About Our Custom Bottle Openers!

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we specialize in custom coins for all purposes. They’re a terrific way to commemorate events or teams or to market your brand. If you want to boost your brand awareness even higher, it’s time to learn more about our custom bottle openers.

It’s a simple idea. We can turn virtually any custom coin design into a custom bottle opener. It’s guaranteed to get your logo into customers’ hands on a regular basis and keep your brand awareness high.

Custom Coin Basics

All our custom bottle openers start from our challenge coin designs. As always, you get all the benefits of ordering from Challenge Coins 4 Less. We are your one-stop, no problem source for outstanding custom coins. We offer you a wide range of metal colors, including gold, silver, brass, and copper, in your choice of polished or antiqued finishes. We even offer black nickel or duo-tone options as well.

You can add colors to your design. We use the world-famous Pantone™ color matching system, which enables us to match your design colors precisely. We offer up to five colors per design free, with additional colors available.

Our award-winning graphic artists are among the best in the industry. With their years of experience, they’ll work with you every step of the way to create a fantastic-looking coin design.

No matter whether you have just a quick doodle or the most intricate finished design, they can handle it. We don’t charge for design, art or revisions, so you can rest assured your design will be perfect before production begins.

You Demand Quality. So Do We.

Once you approve your design, we’ll produce your custom bottle openers. Our state of the art production equipment will reproduce your design accurately on every single opener. Just like our custom coins, each bottle opener must meet our rigorous quality control standards. Every one is inspected by hand before we ship it to you.

In the unlikely event you do find a defect in either materials or workmanship, we back every product we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’ll replace any defective bottle opener at no extra cost to you.

Options Add Appeal

We offer a full range of options to enhance our custom coins, which apply to bottle openers as well. You can choose custom shapes and sizes. Add cutouts, 3D designs, sequential numbering and even translucent enamel to make your designs stand out.

You can even add a keychain option to your custom bottle openers and give recipients a reason to carry them everywhere. That’s going to get your design into their hands every day. What better reason do you need?

Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins make great bottle opener designs. Typically, these feature a specific unit or squad logo unique to that unit. They promote camaraderie among those who serve together, and a bond among veterans as well.

Just remember one of the rules of military coins if someone challenges you to produce yours – a coin is a coin. In other words, a bottle opener or a keychain doesn’t count. That could leave you on the hook to buy a round of drinks!

Wooden Bottle Openers

For something totally different, consider wooden bottle openers. Made of high-quality birch wood, they’re an ideal way to stand out from the crowd. The 2.5” disc features an opener attachment on the underside. The front features a full-width edge to edge area for engraving with your logo or text. They’re a terrific giveaway for breweries, beer distributors, outdoor businesses, barbecue events and more!

Ultimately, bottle openers are a great way to get your logo or brand right into the hands of those who buy your products or belong to your organization. They’re a fantastic method to keep your brand fresh in customers’ minds as they participate in activities and events they enjoy. It’s a positive association that users will remember every time they see your logo.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to order custom bottle openers, give us a call on our toll-free line – 855.272.8451. Or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. Either way, we’ll respond promptly with a quote for the finest quality custom bottle openers you can buy. We look forward to serving all your custom coin and bottle opener needs!