NASA Shines with Challenge Coins

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

NASA Shines with Challenge Coins has satisfied a wide range of distinguished customers for many years, offering superb custom challenge coins. One of our most valued customers is NASA, a distinguished agency with a fascinating history. We take great pride in being given the opportunity to create NASA challenge coins.

Let’s take a look at some of the history of NASA itself:

  • NASA was established in 1958 by the National Aeronautics and Space Act. The primary reason for its creation was a reaction to the Soviet Union’s successful launch of its satellite, Sputnik 1.
  • NASA’S motto is “For the Benefit of All”, and that has always been the case. After all, NASA’s main partner for the last generation has actually been its former rival, Russia, and it certainly partners with other nations. We can all get along if we look to the stars!
  • NASA is the only space agency to launch space missions to the outer solar system.
  • In 2006, NASA announced plans to build a permanent moon base. We’re still waiting, but perhaps the moon also suffered from the 2009 housing market crash…
  • NASA headquarters are actually in Washington, D.C., and not in Houston as many believe. Houston, we have a reputation!
  • As this is written, NASA has one spacecraft on its way to Pluto. The smallest (non)planet just doesn’t get the press of Mars. Those Martians are such hams.
  • To date, NASA astronauts have brought back to Earth about 400 kilograms of lunar samples.

So despite the changing times and economic fluctuations, NASA keeps its noble mission of reaching the stars. And when it comes to choosing its custom challenge coins, the space program finds simply stellar. To us, the opportunity to produce NASA challenge coins is one that’s out of this world! We appreciate the chance to serve the men and women of the world’s premier space program.