National Wellness Month Challenge Coins

Promoting healthy living with custom challenge coins

August is all about self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines. It's National Wellness Month, and it's a perfect time to celebrate new habits in your lifestyle. Self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness, and there are many ways to get started with a healthier lifestyle. 

National Wellness Month inspires people to make changes that will impact their health in positive ways. From increasing your water intake to adding more healthy food options into your diet, it's easy to get started, but it can be challenging to keep up the routine. Creating a custom challenge coin that honors National Wellness Month is a unique way to commemorate the start of a healthier lifestyle and will motivate people to take the essential first step. 

Why not encourage others for National Wellness Month? Let’s create a custom coin that will inspire you and those around you. 

Celebrate A Healthier Lifestyle

Making changes to improve your health and wellness can be difficult to get started. Start by making small adjustments to your sleeping habits, join a yoga class, learn to meditate, or incorporate more fruits and veggies into your meals. Celebrate by kicking off a new lifestyle or push yourself further with new goals.

August is a time to celebrate those making changes and those providing self-care solutions. National Wellness Month is a time to motivate yourself and others to create healthy habits. Sure, you don't have to make all the changes at once, but getting started is the most important step. A custom challenge coin is a great way to celebrate National Wellness Month. These small tokens inspire us to keep those healthy changes in action and will push others to make changes themselves. 

National Wellness Month History

National Wellness Month was founded by Live Love Spa in 2018. The goal is to foster community, connection, and commerce in the wellness industry. The initiative encourages people to focus on wellness, providing a platform for companies to highlight their services and benefits. 

It's not just about working out and eating healthier. National Wellness Month also focuses on mental health. The entire month is dedicated to doing better and getting better while striving for a healthier mind and body. Celebrate and honor National Wellness Month with something memorable and unique. 

Custom challenge coins are a great tool to commemorate any special occasion. These tokens can boost morale and boost changes in one's habits. National Wellness Month provides plenty of inspiration when designing a custom challenge coin. These coins include unique elements that pertain to what they represent. Mark the beginning of a new lifestyle with something memorable and include meaningful details that will motivate others. 

Whether you pass the coins out to coworkers, employees, or friends, or make something for yourself, design something memorable that will inspire. Include details such as slogans, dates, names, and more. Add images that stand out and push you towards wellness. You can add color and other distinctive details to make your design stand out.

National Wellness Month is your chance to start making a change. Implement a healthier lifestyle and encourage others to do so. Create a meaningful challenge coin that honors the month and your wellness. Celebrate your hard work and push people to strive for their best. Take a look at our coin gallery for inspiration for your design.


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