Presidential Challenge Coins

Presidential Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a staple of military life. They are presented as special tokens for special services, special operations, and for promotions. Challenge coins have become an important tradition in...

Jesse Daugherty

Challenge coins are a staple of military life. They are presented as special tokens for special services, special operations, and for promotions. Challenge coins are increasing popular the world outside of the military too. When it comes to popular challenge coins, there may not be a more popular or coveted coin outside of the presidential challenge coin. We've even had the opportunity to see the presidential challenge coin being passed out.

In November 2016, a vice-admiral handed then-President-elect Donald Trump a coin. We've also witnessed former President Obama several times handing coins to various service members. The presidential challenge coin is highly regarded and sought after, and for good reason!

Presidential challenge coins have been created for all American presidents since Bill Clinton in the 1990s. While similar style coins have been minted by public mints or private ones, produced for collectors, only those issued to and presented by the president are official Presidential Challenge coins. They have become highly sought after collector's items.

Presidents have a special challenge coin just for their tenure. A similar coin is available for purchase by the public in the White House Gift Shop, but the true presidential coin is presented by the President himself to military or civilian personnel.

IF you ever get recognized by the president, expect to be handed one of the presidential challenge coins directly from them in a handshake. It's a subtle exchange that takes place quickly. Many times, nearby personnel don't even see the exchange happen.

Because challenge coins are such a common aspect of military life, it's no surprise the President gets his own, befitting his status as Commander In Chief. This certainly adds to the allure and appeal of the coin, as military challenge coins have been a long tradition of the armed services.

Military challenge coins are exchanged, saved, memorialized, and passed from generation to generation. The military challenge coin, just like a presidential challenge coin, symbolizes our desire to be leaders, to be at the front of the line, and never to accept defeat. The president and presidential challenge coins represent these values, offering a unique token of appreciation in the process.

Military coins are not just staples of military life, but are great mementos for friends and family, honoring their loved ones with something unique and eye-catching.

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