Promoting With Nonprofit Challenge Coins

Promoting With Nonprofit Challenge Coins

Challenge coins can raise both awareness and funds for your nonprofit organization.

Custom challenge coins are great for a number of reasons. For nonprofits that are looking for a fresh idea for fundraising, custom coins might just be what you need. Challenge coins do more than provide passive advertisement. Compared to a traditional shirt or other apparel, a challenge coin is a novelty and conversation starter that will actively promote your nonprofit. 

Whether you’re raising money all year or for a single event, branded merchandise is nothing new. Challenge coins are different. They raise active interest in your organization and your message. Challenge coins act as a conversation starter. Someone might wear a shirt as their daily style, but they show off their coin and talk about how they got it. Your organization and supporters are more likely to communicate the importance of a nonprofit’s goals with a tangible custom coin. 

It's important to think about the coin's design. Starting a design might seem intimidating, but it's really quite easy. You want a coin that showcases your mission, methods, and personality, as well as help potential donors clearly identify with your nonprofit. 

Your nonprofit's identity is one aspect to consider. What is the personality of your nonprofit? What are the goals and missions? Take a look at existing symbols, emblems, mottos, and more, and incorporate these details into your coin. 

Consider the event or activity for which you want to use custom coins. Do you plan to use your custom coins for fundraisng, building awareness of your cause, or both? Coin designs can be created for specific events, making them more exciting and engaging due to their exclusivity. 

Finally, think about the mission of your organization. Your goals are at the core of your work, so look for unique ways to express them through images, colors, and text. Look for ways to turn those elements into a unique concept for your coin. Focus on keeping a clear identity and designing something recipients can be proud of. Challenge coins are a tool that is optimal for both outreach and fundraising. 

No matter what kind of custom challenge coins you need, has you covered. We are dedicated to top quality products, great pricing, and providing our customers with the best customer service anywhere. 

Designing and ordering challenge coins is easy! We can work with your pre-existing design, or if you don't have one, our team of artists and graphic designers can assist. We make ordering custom challenge coins fast and effortless. 

Our artists will work with you every step of the process to ensure you get the perfect custom coin for your organization or nonprofit. We take pride in what we do, and we stand behind every coin we make with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you have been looking for the best quality custom challenge coins at the best price, look no further. Ready to get started? 

Fill out our free quote form, and we will send you a free digital proof for your approval. You can also email us with any questions you have regarding your design or custom challenge coins in general. Let us show you how easy designing and ordering custom challenge coins can be!  

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Jesse Daugherty


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