Properly Display You Collection of Challenge Coins

Properly Display You Collection of Challenge Coins

Displaying your challenge coins to their best advantage

For collectors, displaying their collection is just as important as the process of collecting. For challenge coin collectors, properly displaying their collection is important, a showcase of the rare, the unique, and the stunning. Each challenge coin has a story behind it, and a good display case will help foster those stories. 

For anyone with a collection of challenge coins, a good storage space is a must-have. You need a special challenge coin display box to suit your needs, especially for those just getting started. 

What makes a great display case? It depends on the collector. Some look strictly for aesthetics, while others want a functional display case. There several options for a challenge coin display, and today we take a look at a few popular options. 

A coin case display is perfect for collectors with a large number of custom challenge coins. The display features a wooden design that is covered inside by a velvet material. The display also features grooves on the interior to make room for the most coins. 

The display case also features a glass door, making it easier to view the collection without touching it. These types of display cases are perfect for the home or office, though you can mount them on the wall. Due to their large size, the wall mount option is your best bet. 

A tabletop slant top coin display is ideal for collectors with extensive collections. The tabletop slant top coin display can accommodate around 80 challenge coins without ruining the presentation. 

Large enough to showcase your favorite coins and more, the slant top coin display is a great addition to your desk. The display is usually made from luxury wood, providing a stunning impact while displaying your collection in a visually appealing manner. 

Multi-tiered pyramid cases are great options for fans of unique designs. Pyramid cases are the most elaborate coin display cases you can find. The display features a wide base, narrowing slightly on the way to the apex. 

The pyramid tiers are ideal for displaying coins from all angles. These display cases may come with as little as three tiers, going up in size to display more elaborate collections as well. Expect the pyramid display cases to be a bit bigger than the others well. 

Finally, we get a look at the wooden wall holder. These customizable display cases feature a customizable framework used to display your collection of custom challenge coins. The wooden wall holder is ideal for a large selection of coins, holding more than 50 without being overbearing. 

How you display your custom challenge coin collection is just as important as the coins themselves. It’s important to showcase their unique details, the story behind them, and the reason they are special to you. 

At, we know custom challenge coins, and we are ready to assist you on your next order. Get a free quote on custom challenge coins or email us with any questions. We’d be happy and honored to help! 

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty


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