Similarities Between Corporate Coins and Military Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins have value in both military and corporate envrionments

Challenge coins have a long history in the military. They are used to build camaraderie and as a way to recognize excellence. Challenge coins are popular throughout all walks of life and have expanded into the corporate world over the years. At, some of our biggest and best customers come from the corporate sector and the military. 

While their designs may differ, challenge coins are based on many of the same principles. While there are some inherent differences, challenge coins are used by businesses as they are by the military branches. They are used as a way to honor hard work and dedication, as well as special events, moments, and accomplishments. While our corporate and military customers differ, how they use their challenge coins is quite similar. There are more than a few overlaps, as well as differences that each customer can learn from. 

First, let's look at the similarities. Challenge coins are usually handled by a superior or colleague as a symbol of gratitude and honor. The designs are custom, and the message is usually clear. This applies to both military and corporate customers. Soldiers will often be presented with challenge coins with a firm handshake. These are given out before deployments or after completing an important section of training. On the other hand, corporate coins are given out to commemorate a promotion or celebrate closing an important deal. In both cases, challenge coins are used to show recognition for a job well done. 

Differences Between Military and Corporate Coins

Now that we understand the similarities let's consider the differences. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the differences usually have to do with who is actually responsible for the design process. Corporate customers generally have a clear purpose for their coins. Some use coins to recognize years of service or to reinforce ideal qualities in staff members. Challenge coins can also be used to raise awareness for corporate initiatives and programs. Corporate customers usually want a strong return on investment through a boost in employee engagement or social awareness. 

Since coins are intended for a specific purpose, they are typically designed with their goals in mind. Many of the designs, including the company's brand, referencing details important to a specific program or department. When it comes to coins for military members, they are often paid for by the soldiers who will be receiving them. 

For military unit coins, everyone on the team usually has a say in the design. The focus is not about the return on investment but rather on capturing the sense of camaraderie and character. If you are looking for custom coins, we have the answer. If you want military coins, we can provide your unit with something they can carry and display with pride.

If you want corporate challenge coins for your employees and vendors, we can create those too. One of the great things about challenge coins is that every design is different. 

We can take your ideas and turn them into unique mementos that will be cherished and treasured for years to come. Are you ready to get started with your order? Simply get a free quote or email us. It's that easy!

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