The Age-Old Pursuit Of Coin Collecting

Jesse Daugherty

Jesse Daugherty

The Age-Old Pursuit Of Coin Collecting

They are elegant, engraved, and have an array of outstanding finishes and diamond-cut edges. They are custom challenge coins, the treasure of collectors worldwide. If you have ever wondered what makes these metallic charms so intriguing? Well, let's talk about it.

The Hobby Of Kings!
Coin collecting is an age-old pursuit that has appealed to people for several reasons. Many theories exist, the most common being that challenge coins came into the U.S. Armed Forces during World War l.

A wealthy member of an Army Air Corps unit gave coins to members of his squadron. Upon being shot down and captured by the enemy, one member of the squadron found his salvation in the coin. The pilot escaped capture, fleeing to France where French soldiers mistook him for a spy. He used his coin as a form of identification and was able to avoid execution.

Today's challenge coins may not be saving lives, but they do continue to build camaraderie among military personnel. These coins are symbols of honor and highly regarded by all branches of the military. They have even made their way into the White House, often given as gifts to foreign dignitaries and civilian V.I.P.s. In centuries past, coin collecting was a common hobby among the well-to-do.

It was also a symbol of status more than a pursuit for pleasure. Coin collecting was called the hobby of kings because only the very rich could indulge.

Today's military challenge coins are offered as morale boosters and awards for service recognition. These days challenge coin collectors come from all backgrounds.

Many view them as interesting pieces of art, while others enjoy learning the history of coins and discovering each piece’s distinct past. Whatever the reason, coin collecting is no doubt a popular pastime that continues to draw fans from military and civilian circles.

Today’s Coins!
Today's marketers are getting their hands on custom challenge coins for prompting business while brand boosting. They understand that customer loyalty requires a show of appreciation, and who doesn't love a great gift?

Custom challenge coins are a smart investment when they bear your business information, logo, or contact info on a sleek, shimmering coin.

Custom Coins At Competitive Prices!
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