The Artistry of Dual Plated Challenge Coins

The Artistry of Dual Plated Challenge Coins

Dual plating can add an extra touch of distinction to custom coins

Dual-plated challenge coins are a blend of creativity and symbolism. Below, we examine dual-plated coins, highlighting six that exemplify the fusion of design and composition. We will explore the intricate details and use of dual plating in each coin, learning more about the options available. 

Understanding Dual Plating 

Dual plating is a technique that elevates the aesthetics of challenge coins by layering two distinct metal finishes. These coins feature a contrast that emphasizes specific elements of their designs. The choice of challenge coin plating options can drastically affect the look of any coin, with options including silver, copper, gold, and brass. Moreover, the decision between antique and polished plating finishes can evoke a sense of timelessness or contemporary appeal.

The Art of Dual Plating 

Dual plating is a playground for artistic exploration. The juxtaposition of plating options results in a unique effect. Antique plating adds a sense of timelessness. Polished plating displays a contemporary approach that reflects modern sensibilities. This artistic duality enables challenge coin creators to craft designs that resonate with a broad spectrum of aesthetics.

Draper Company Challenge Coin

Round antique silver challenge coin representing Draper Company.

This custom coin exemplifies the artistry of dual plating. The coin features an antique silver base detailed with elaborate elements. Antique copper details are paired with silver, creating an attractive distinction.

The center of the coin starts with a flat silver backdrop. A band of copper bullets line the middle, accompanied by a large shell that spans the coin's height. The large bullet reads "Draper Company DC01-116th." Two detailed silver guns intersect over the top of the bullets, adding more depth and complexity. 

A silver rope border lies in the background. The upper crest displays the inscription "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum," Latin for "If you want peace, prepare for war." Below the bullets, two stars stand out within the border, while the base reads "Since 1917." 

A blue and white yin yang symbol graces the coin's lower section, while an oblique cut edge finishes off the design. Dual plating takes center stage, accentuating key aspects with a creative touch. The contrast between the antique silver and copper adds instant visual appeal.

141st Brigade Support Battalion Challenge Coin

Rectangular custom challenge coin belonging to the Army's 141st Brigade Support Battalion.

This coin stands out with distinctive features such as its dual plating. With rounded corners, this rectangular coin combines the timelessness of antique gold/copper and a contemporary, modern aesthetic. 

The coin's center includes a topography-inspired background created by the raised and recessed areas. The textural element adds depth to the rest of the coin's features. Five emblems lie within the design. Crafted from polished gold, they stand out from the dark backdrop. 

From the Army Transport logo in the bottom left corner to the Army Captain symbol in the top left corner, every symbol adds to the coin's visual appeal. The First Sergeant logo graces the top right corner, while the Quartermaster Department emblem anchors the bottom right corner. 

In the very middle, the Shell and Flame logo of the U.S. Army’s Ordnance Branch commands attention. Red text across the top and bottom of the coin displays the inscription "D 141 BSB," representing the Army's 141 Brigade Support Battalion. At the base, an inscription reads "For Excellence." 

The coin's dual plating enhances each element of the design. Every aspect exhibits craftsmanship and creativity, from the intricacies of the background to the detailing of each gold insignia.

Denver Police Department Challenge Coin

Round polished gold challenge coin belonging to the Denver Police Department.

At first glance, this coin’s striking colors and gleaming gold base capture the spotlight. The dual plating at the heart of the design really sets it apart. 

The coin has a traditional round shape created from a polished gold base. The center of the coin includes the emblem of the Denver police department. The city crest stands out within the symbol, crafted from the coin's polished gold base. The remaining elements of the logo shine in polished silver, adding contrast. The black text "Denver Police Detective" adds more visual appeal. 

A red, white, and blue background inspired by the Colorado state flag provides a touch of color that accents the emblem's vivid details. A gold border encircles the design. The text "Denver Police Department" commands the upper portion, while "Major Crimes Bureau" graces the lower space. A thin black ring frames the composition, adding a complementary finishing touch. 

The coin’s detailing and use of color are a point of focus. But it's the creative application of dual plating that stands out. The silver and coin elements add a layer of dimension that invites closer inspection. The combination of creativity, color, and dual plating elevates this coin and each component of the design.

FDA Challenge Coin

Round antique silver challenge coin representing the FDA.

This coin blends craftsmanship, color, and incredible detail. The coin features a round design created from an antique silver base. Every aspect of the coin contributes to its appeal, with an emphasis on the attention to detail and dual plating. 

The front of the coin features a colorful approach. The interior displays a bright blue backdrop adorned with a honeycomb of white lines and dots. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) logo stands out, crafted from the coin's silver base. 

A border of bright yellow surrounds the logo, adding contrast. A silver recessed border encircles the design, inscribed with "FDA Commissioned Corps" along the upper portion and "USPHS," representing the United States Public Health Service, along the lower.

The coin's reverse features a glossy black background, making each element pop. The center consists of a caduceus, with an antique gold staff, flanked by two serpents of a bold green hue. A three-dimensional anchor cross stands behind the symbol. A border of text encircles the central imagery, declaring: "Protect, Promote, and Advance the Health and Safety of the Nation." Finishing off the design, the year 1798 adds historical significance. 

Each aspect of the coin's design shines brilliantly. Everything comes together from the complex details and colors to create an unforgettable coin. But, the use of dual plating introduces a distinction that heightens its visual appeal.

Navy Challenge Coin

Round antique gold challenge coin belonging to the United States Navy.

This Navy challenge coin offers understated aesthetics and meticulous detailing. The coin features a classic round shape and an antique gold base. The minimalist design allows its details to stand out. 

The middle of the coin includes a recessed gold background. Here, a silver caduceus commands attention, with each intricate detail standing out. A bold blue border encircles the design, accenting the coin's simplicity. The top of the border includes the words "United States Navy." Along the bottom, the years "1989 - 2017" are a testament to a span of dedication. 

The contrast of the blue border against the gold and silver elements exemplifies thoughtful craftsmanship. The dual plating breathes life into the design. The composition of the central design adds depth and character.

Operation Spartan Shield Challenge Coin

Round polished gold challenge coin representing the Army's 35th Infantry Division.

This round coin features an array of exceptional elements. The coin has a clean aesthetic from its craftsmanship and dual plating. The coin's center includes the Army's 35th Infantry Division symbol. The Santa Fe cross, the symbol nestled within a circle, represents a white cross juxtaposed against a white wagon wheel, set against a rich blue field. 

A textured, polished silver border encircles the emblem. The border frames the central imagery, adding character to the logo. The words "35th Infantry Division" command attention in bold black text at the top, while "100 Years-Santa Fe" adorns the bottom. 

A gold laurel wreath graces a portion of the textured silver border, extending onto a polished gold area that reaches the coin's edge. Black text displays "Operation Spartan Shield" across the top, while the base reads "Calling of Our Time." 

This coin’s colorful details, the sophistication of its design, and the components create something memorable and unique. Yet, it is the masterstroke of dual plating that elevates this coin. The combination of silver and gold details offers a contrast that commands attention.

Dual plating is just one of the options for customizing challenge coins. They are  a testament to the combination of design and visual appeal. These outstanding designs exemplify the limitless possibilities of dual plating, from accentuating intricate details to evoking a distinct look. 

As you consider the designs of each featured coin, we invite you to explore the world of coin customization and dual plating options. To get inspiration for your challenge coin design, visit our coin gallery and explore some of the standout designs that we have created.


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