The Meaning and History Of Navy Challenge Coins

The Meaning and History Of Navy Challenge Coins

Navy Challenge Coins are symbols of shared experiences with fellow sailors

For members of the U.S. Armed Forces, both active and veterans, there are various ways to commemorate the experiences and memories. One way is with Navy challenge coins, a perfect gift for any sailor who has served their country.

Navy challenge coins have a long history, but many are unfamiliar with the tradition and meaning of challenge coins to any soldier from any branch. These collectibles hold deep meaning for both the presenter and the recipient. Navy challenge coins are not currency, but they do have value to those who receive them, a token that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Many who receive challenge coins keep them for the rest of their lives, even passing them on to other family members through the years. What are these coins, and why are they so cherished? How does one get a challenge coin? Why are they given out? What is their purpose? Today we take a closer look at the history of challenge coins, especially Navy challenge coins. Find out more below and get all the details!

What's a Navy Challenge Coin?

What exactly is a Navy challenge coin? Well, much like other branches of the military, Navy coins are commemorative coins designed for a particular purpose. They are also presented to members of specific groups to showcase membership within the group. Challenge coins are also designed to recognize and honor individuals, events, or notable achievements. The options are endless.

Challenge coins are typically a little larger than the currency coins we carry in our pockets. This larger design lends itself nicely to detailed art, text, and other elements. The extra space allows for more information and unique details. However, challenge coins are always small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand or a pocket. Challenge coins are commonly metallic, though they can also be bright and colorful thanks to enamel coating. The imagery and artwork vary from coin to coin. Some include the Navy logo, while others feature the name of a unit, base, mascot, or use patriotic images and motivational sayings. Challenge coins say a lot, and they mean a lot to those who receive them.

Generally, Navy challenge coins are round in shape. However, they can be created in virtually any form you imagine. Most coins are crafted from bronze, brass, or zinc, though they can be made of silver and gold. Challenge coins are packed with meaning, which adds to their value. They mean so many different things to those who give and receive them.

What do they represent?

Challenge coins represent a bond that sailors develop with each other. Members of a unit may receive coins from a superior during their service to honor that bond or celebrate an extraordinary accomplishment. When these sailors meet again, they often look over their coins and reminisce about their careers and experiences shared. Navy challenge coins are an honor that will live on and be looked upon fondly by friends and family as well.

The most important thing about Navy challenge coins is that they acknowledge one's membership in a group. Coins are created to commemorate ships, units, tours of duty, and even general membership in the United States Navy. These coins have a distinct meaning for those who receive them, serving as a moment they will never forget, one that is rich with history and tradition.

Challenge Coin History

While little is known about the origins of the first Navy challenge coins, historians indicate that they have been a part of the Navy for over fifty years. There are no written records about the beginnings of the tradition in the Navy, and different stories suggest different origins. We know about the history of challenge coins because they were used by the Romans. Special coins were given to soldiers for their dedication and loyalty on the battlefield, presented along with the earned wages for the day.

A popular theory for modern challenge coins traces their beginning to World War I, though others think they appeared first in Vietnam. Regardless of when Navy coins got their start, they quickly became popular among all ranks. Many historians agree that these coins began to really grow in popularity during Operation Desert Storm in the 1990s. The coins were presented to sailors to build morale and camaraderie.

Polished gold sandblasted coin represeint U.S. Navy Chief's Mess

How to Get a Navy Challenge Coin

There are several different ways to get Navy challenge coins. The most traditional way would be to earn one for yourself. If you serve in the Navy, this shouldn't be too difficult, though not easy either. Some challenge coins are handed out just for being at an event. Yet many take hard work and dedication. That hard work and commitment make for an even more rewarding experience,

The other way to get Navy challenge coins is by being a collector. Many veterans, active members, and civilians spend time collecting coins as a hobby. Some older coins may be found for sale online or at auctions. As the hobby has grown, it has become harder and harder to find and afford coins that way. Now many collectors are meeting with other collectors and building their collection through trades. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and other veterans and American heroes.

You can also design and create your own coins. If you are really interested in unique Navy challenge coins, there are companies that will help. Coin providers specialize in creating Navy challenge coins and will help you with your design and every step of the process. Once you have some coins made, you can pass them out to your friends, family, and others who mean a lot to you. Businesses, companies, brands, and organizations are also making challenge coins for non-military reasons. They are great for branding and marketing and even commemorating extraordinary people and personal events.

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